Tears of a Dragon

I’ve always liked Wintergrasp even when battles aren’t in progress. Ignoring its rich saronite, abundance of herbs and roaming ripe Hordelings for the picking, it really is a beautiful zone. Then I came across this:

The skeleton of a dragon wrapped around a tree.  Sure, the bleached bone contrasts well with the dark wood of the tree and it makes for a pretty screenshot but look closer.

Inside the bones of the big dragon lie those of a much smaller one. Perhaps she was pregnant or just trying to keep her young safe and warm when she died.

From this angle you can see the tiny claw of the baby dragon nestled in amongst the bigger dragon’s remains. There are two distinct skulls as well, one considerably smaller than the other.

That’s it. My dragonslaying boots are hung up. I’m not tracking any peaceful family orientated dragons back to their lair and slaughtering them. Never again. Well, not until Cataclysm anyway.


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