To Golden Days and Purple Nights

Our Druids have been 80 for just over two weeks now. They both have a full set of PvP gear and the random battleground always equals Strand of the Ancients so we needed to find something else to occupy our time. The call of the Alt with it’s lilting tempting tune is never far away and so once again we succumbed.

As I’m fast running out of character slots on our home server, I picked up my long abandoned gnome warrior and the Gnomeling made another hunter. This time it’s a Draenei, named in tribute for the song currently stuck in his head.

A Family Photo

Westfall has always been one of my favourite zones.  It  mixes of the Children of the Corn territory with amazing skies and ignoring the rampaging robots, a sense of tranquillity. Every day is harvest, every day is autumnal. You can almost smell the pumpkin pie baking, the smell carried on the crisp evening air.

Old Blanchy, Azeroth's most well travelled and Iconic Horse.

I really hope that one of these days Blanchy gets to retire somewhere with all the sweet green grass she can eat.

The light is amazing here, you can imagine Azeroth’s artists all flocking to paint the mellow sunsets as well as sample the world famous Westfall stew.

Something stirs in the pumpkin patch

As the sun sets, Westfall is paved with gold. Then as the skies darken, you get those wonderful midnight blues with a tiny sprinkling of stars glistening over head.

Harvest Moon lighting up the dusk and lighting the way home for weary travellers.

Within this rural idyll though something evil lurks. A darkness which makes a couple of Old Gods look like fluffy bunny rabbits… beware, beware the rise of the Tattiebogle for he comes for YOU!


2 Responses

  1. I always enjoy leveling in Westfall. I suppose I remember seeing the beta screen shots and thinking how cool it looked. When I finally got to adventure there it was exciting. Great pics 🙂

  2. The fact that you have a pet crab named Kungaloosh makes me love your blog 10 times as much now.

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