On Golden Pond

I have a secret Dwarf fetish. Not particularly for the race themselves, after all I’ve never managed to level a Dwarf beyond level 5 but for their houses. I can’t but help imagining how warm and snug they would be, half hidden in the hillside.

I love Loch Modan, if Blizzard announced player housing tomorrow I’d be off hunting for that perfect little house somewhere near the lake.

You could spend your days fishing or swimming in the loch itself, then towel off and sit outside the Inn until the sun goes down. A lovely relaxing way in which to spend your time. Every day could be a holiday.

Although if when Cataclysm comes we get to make Dwarves with blue tattoos like this lady here,

For the first time ever I will be levelling a Dwarf. A female enhancement shaman with bright red hair and a temper to match.


4 Responses

  1. Oh hell yeah, sign me up for tattoos!

  2. Nice screens. That is a really lovely area. I just wish we could have housing there. Wouldn’t that be so cool.

    As for the tattoos that would be pretty sweet.

  3. The dorfish people are well worth fetishising too!

  4. I can’t help but think that Dwarves suit the tattoo option and there are quite a few NPCs already with them, so fingers crossed.

    @Tam: says the Dorf, there wouldn’t be any bias going on would there?

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