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The Blog Azeroth shared topic comes from Windsoar this week.

After a long day of adventuring, where’s your favorite town to hang up your weapon, take off your boots or slippers and curl up with a glass of wine? (Or a skin of whatever swill you undead people drink.. how does that work anyway? I wouldn’t think you’d need food and water, but I see you nomming as much as the rest of us.)

What town makes you want to turn your charger around and race for the next outpost? Where you know the bedbugs WILL bite, and the slop on your plate will likely leave you with indigestion?

Be as flexible as you like! Capital cities, towns or outposts–even that little wayside moonwell in on the edge of Ferelas is fair game!

The Best

Erinys – Stormwind is her home away from home. Ever since she first strode through the gates, it’s been the one city she truly feels comfortable in. Somehow the humans managed to create  five or six distinct personalities nestled within one city wall. As you move from one district to another even the architecture changes, from the deep purple roofs of the Mage Quarter with the soft grass underfoot to the smokey coal marked walls of the Dwarfen quarter. Whatever her mood, there is some where she can chill out and relax. Whether it’s sitting on the harbour wall people watching or curling up in the Keep library with a good book, every mood is catered for.

Tansy – Amberpine Lodge. Grizzly Hills appeals to her wilder side, flying high above the trees or sneaking through the undergrowth feeling the heather spring between her paws. There is plenty of food, all fresh from the source. Go bear and catch your own salmon straight from the river, chase a deer to earth in cat or just take a swift flight north to a slightly dubious trader who sells meat still dripping with blood (although you’re best not asking how they caught it). Everything a hungry druid needs. Add in the unique log ride, the sheer beauty of the place and werewolves to hunt.. it’s paradise.

Calantha – A Hero’s Welcome in Dalaran. Calantha is a bit of a snobby paladin. She likes clean sheets, good food and no zombies rampaging between the tables. The fact that there is no horde is also a plus point. The Alliance complex in Dalaran ticks all those boxes. Add in the decent library and a beer garden for some sunbathing and it’s got everything she wants.

Fauna – Thelsamar. The Dwarfen lands have always fascinated Fauna. When she first arrived in the Eastern Kingdoms, the idea of living underground, enclosed seemed very alien to her. Now, when she finally hangs up her bow, it will be the shores of Loch Modan she retires to. The chance to sit outside the Inn watching the late afternoon sink behind the mountains, sipping an icy beer and eating fresh from the oven hot cherry pie. Spending a morning fishing in the lake and then sharing loch frenzy delight with her friends. That’s how life should be plus the Hunting Lodge is close by if she wants to keep her hand in.

Nest – The Scarlet Raven in Darkshire. According to Nest, beer tastes best when you’re scared. Thus, Darkshire is the place to go, especially when Stitches is roaming. (Further proof that warriors are strange and gnomes probably shouldn’t be allowed out alone.)

DornröschenDespite being Forsaken, she’s always been rather fond of Troll Architecture. However most Troll cities are built in hot and humid zones. That’s not too good when you’re one of the walking dead. So Dornröschen’s eyes lit up with joy when she first discovered Zabra’jin in Zangarmarsh. The type of buildings she loves in a cool, damp swamp surrounded by mushrooms… perfect.

Teasel –  The Grim Guzzler in Black Rock Depths. Whilst it isn’t strictly a town or even an outpost, it does have a bar and live music plus the best pickled eggs in Azeroth.

The Worst

After some discussion they came up this list of places none of them liked.

Westfall Inn – who would want to pay good coin for a bed that ends up soggy if it rains whilst you sleep? Sure, it’s wonderful on a hot summer’s night when you can lie in bed staring at the stars but the rest of the year… no thanks.

The Lion’s Pride in Goldshire – Perhaps the most disturbing place in Azeroth to try and catch a good nights sleep. Although it’s a fairly reliable place to catch other things.

The Fizzcrank Airstrip – The beds are gnome sized. Great if you’re a gnome, not so good for everyone else. Add in the noise of all that machinery and the planes taking off…. and sleep is impossible.

Area 52 – Who really wants to listen to a bunch of Draenei and Bloodelves insulting each other in a variety of languages? Bar fights can be fun, especially if you’re drunk but if all you want is a good nights rest you don’t want to be trying to sleep whilst this lot bicker.

Finally, anywhere with Elevators. Undercity, Shattrah and Freewind Post for example. Azeroth is dangerous enough without trying to navigate lifts whilst tired, drunk or otherwise distracted.


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