Anger Management

I’m currently trying to level a warrior. She is now level 33 and I’ve learnt several things so far.

Nest and her red mittens of DOOM!

  • Warriors make you angry. Which is ironic really since my first 33 levels have been punctuated by my computer telling me:


It seems that my rage bar works in direct proportion to my tiny little gnomish avatar’s. When I’m a seething ball of hate ready to throw my keyboard through the window, Nest can’t hit anything because she doesn’t have enough rage. Although on the odd moment when I’m not ready to smash the computer, she still doesn’t have enough rage. Luckily she’s over-geared and does stupid damage with her white hits, assuming of course she can stay with her target which brings me to my next point:

  • Warriors are hard to play. Or at least I think they are but I might just suck (haven’t decided yet). At least I can rend stuff whilst moving which makes me a cut above some warriors at least.

This whole stance lark is frustrating, it’s a bit like dropping Moonkin to heal and realising you have no mana. You switch stance only to hear the three most annoying words in the English language which are:


Three little words which you’ll hear a lot whilst levelling. So it’s tempting not to switch stance but in PvP you have to. Otherwise you’re playing with one hand tied behind your back. Playing arms, well that’s no interrupts and no intercept without switching stance. So you have to dance stance otherwise that evil little mage can just run away from you giggling. No one runs away from Nest.. no one.

Then there are the sheer number of keybinds and macros I’m having to use. Yes, I keybind all my abilities on all my characters but I seem to have a lot more things to remember to use on the warrior. Macros to make charge and intercept share one key, macros to make shield bash and pummel share one button. Macros which I consider almost essential for game play yet the vast majority of macros my other characters use improve gameplay but aren’t crucial.

Even if Nest never reaches 80, I have considerably more respect for the people who play warriors all the time. This experience, whilst often frustrating reinforces my feelings about alts and at least experiencing other classes for a while. Playing Nest has helped me understand warriors and how to counter them better on my other characters too. So its a win win situation really. Although I still need more rage.


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