My Cataclysmic wish list

Dear Deathwing,

I’ve been a really good little Night Elf this year so could you please put the following treats in my mageweave leggings following your re-organisation of Azeroth.

  1. Boats. Rafts, fishing boats, canoes and gondolas. The models already exist in-game so providing them as water based mounts shouldn’t be too tasking. Perhaps some created by engineering complete with backfiring and exploding gadgets. Better still, make some multi-passenger. That way we could organise fishing and sightseeing trips.
  2. More Non-combat pets. Specifically Dogs as there are seven cats already in-game, easily obtainable but only one dog. If we’re to share our capital cities with Worgen surely we deserve more cute little puppies to dog our footsteps. Also please add in that shark mini-pet we were promised for Wrath that never quite materialised.
  3. New clothes for Tyrande. She may be the spiritual leader of her people, but those robes… come on. Mooncloth stopped being cool in 05. No wonder we Alliance Priests had to have Velen’s gear for our tier 9, giving us hers would be been a real step backwards. Why should her acolytes be better dressed than their High Priestess.
  4. Increase the health and damage done by the City Guards. Invading the opposing faction’s capitals should be a challenge, not a walk in the Stormwind Park. Buff the faction leaders whilst you’re at it. I’ve seen Varian soloed by a prot paladin, ok, it took a very very very long time but it shouldn’t be possible.
  5. Promote Sergra Darkthorn. She’s been bravely defending the Crossroads for years, it’s about time she got rewarded for her loyalty and general kick assness.
  6. Allow Engineers to make the Mechano Gnome suits used for the King of the Mountain quest in Icecrown. Bouncing up and down cliff faces is far too much fun to be left behind in Northrend. Failing that, at least let us make mechano gnome mini-pets. My little Gnome engineer would love to make herself some friends.
  7. Let hunters tame some of the Beasts currently untameable in Azeroth. Examples would include the Fen Striders of Zangarmarsh, the Hippogriphs of Feralas and the more spiky looking dinosaurs of Un’goro.

Thank you.

2 Responses

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