Off the Beaten Track

The Explorer achievement really annoys me.

I realise how stupid that sounds but how on earth can riding around checking off a list of places possibly be exploring. It’s in the realm of organised tours and guidebooks clutched to chests. Go to Brill, look around briefly or at least until it pings explored, go to Stonetalon Peak, go here, go there. You may end up with a shiny title but you run the risk of missing some of Azeroth’s best spots.

Why aren’t the Dwarven farms on the coast of Arathi on the list? It’s one of the most peaceful spots in-game for a picnic, probably because most people don’t know they are there. What about the Shady Nook (ok, it’s not the most exciting place but it has a great name) or  what about watching love blossom in Ashenvale. Hidden away in the hills, a Night Elf family and their guests interact.

First, Elenna and her pet tallstrider return from their walk. Then the conversations shown above take place. Finally, Becanna heads out to fetch the herbs, shifting into a cat form to do so. She goes so far, picks a herb and then returns planting them in their cottage garden.

At the moment, this serves no purpose. They offer no quests and only one of them, Aleanna can be interacted with. I really hope come Cataclysm that they receive some sort of promotion, even if it’s a breadcrumb type quest, i.e. go to and see Becanna Edune for a herb you need for something else.

A family portrait

Besides, the warlock sister has to be up to no good. She says nothing at all, just sits there with her imp watching the action unfold. Definitely a bad egg. It seems wasteful that someone went to all the trouble of adding them into the game but hid them away in a back corner. So take the road less travelled, head out towards the Shrine of Aessina and visit the Edune family today.

4 Responses

  1. Yes, some of the coolest places.. people just don’t know about them. Unless of course you take the time to explore and roam around. I use to do that a lot. I remember my husband and I exploring all over when we hit level 40 and got mounts pre- BC.

    One I like a lot is the house to the left of Stormwind, up the hill , it’s so shady and cozy there. If you go down the creek you end up at the waterfall on the edge of Westfall.

  2. I love that house too, we get a lot of horde attacking Stormwind at the moment and when they are dead, I go kill the Defias up there and sit on the waterfall wishing we had player housing.

    When we first started playing, we did a lot of random riding around. I think we were just amazed at how big the world of warcraft was.

  3. How sweet 🙂 It’s these little gems that make this game so awesome… and why we should try to really explore now and then rather than just riding around until the message comes up, as you say.

    • Yep, at the moment I spend most of my time playing “exploring” because I’m kind of afraid I’m going to miss something that will be lost forever when Cataclysm comes.

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