As I lay dreaming of a Mountain O’Mounts

A couple of things occurred to me. First of all, Lady RNG hates me and secondly why exactly am I attempting to get a dragonhawk on my Priest when she only rides two mounts even though she already has seventy plus. Apart from “Spike” the Ironbound Protodrake and her ethereal swift moonsaber, none of her other mounts ever gets taken for a ride.

I fell in love with the beautiful blue butterfly the day I first walked into the Sunwell on the test realm. My heart broke when I discovered hunters couldn’t tame them. The day Blizzard announced they were making one the reward for having 100 mounts I knew I had to farm one.

Number 72

So I need to find another 27 mounts from somewhere. Having read and re-read Birdfall’s awesome guide to 100 mounts solo, I’ve come up with these as possible contenders for my missing ones.

  1. Sea Turtle –  need to start fishing again.
  2. Quel’dorai Steed – something inappropriate about Erinys riding a unicorn… However I’m so far off in terms of seals it may never be a problem. Need to break out the jousting again, eek. (100 seals).
  3. Stormwind Steed – more jousting (100 seals).
  4. Deathcharger’s reins – The Baron and I are intimately acquainted but as of yet, no mount. I think I blew all my RNG mount luck when I got the Polar bear from the first daily I did for those lovely blue ladies in the Storm Peaks.
  5. Winterspring Frost Saber – I’ve been farming this since the summer of 05, so I really don’t rate my chances on this particular front.
  6. Swift Zulian Tiger –  see all other RNG related mounts and weep. I have two and a half characters exalted with the Zandalar trolls and I’ve never seen either of the mounts drop.
  7. Darnassian NightSaber – Yet more jousting (100 seals).
  8. Exodar Elekk – (100 seals).
  9. The Raven Lord – Between us, my boyfriend and I have three druids on our server which can summon Anzu but so far he just keeps giving me a rubbishy gun.
  10. Swift White Hawkstrider – Kael hates me. At least we’ve discovered if you pull him whilst one or more of the trash pack in his room is still alive you don’t have to listen to his pre-attack speech. Unfortunately there seems to be no way of skipping his overacted death scene. “The Master will have you! You will drown in your own blood! The world shall burn! Aaaghh!” – Although he may be right about that last bit.
  11. Gnomeregan Mechanostrider – the only thing which looks stupider than a female nightelf on one of these is a male nightelf, oh and male draenei but then they don’t look great on anything.
  12. Azure Nether Drake – I never bothered farming the Netherdrakes before because I wasn’t taken by the way they looked, that whole jelly look. Haribo could make a “Netherdrake” line to sit besides their “Starmix” bags.
  13. Cobalt Nether Drake
  14. Onyx Nether Drake
  15. Purple Nether Drake
  16. Veridian Nether Drake
  17. Violet Nether Drake
  18. The Frozen Flying Carpet
  19. Violet Prot0-Drake – I’m two holidays away from this.
  20. ZG Raptor – see ZG Tiger
  21. Wyrmrest red dragon – I’m already exalted, I just haven’t picked up the mount yet. I’m waiting until I’m a bit closer to my total.
  22. Culling of Stratholme Dragon – Yes, I know. I keep thinking I must be the only person not to have this mount but every time I run Strat, I lose the roll..
  23. Motorcycle – I’m waiting until my Druid can make this which should hopefully be fairly soon.
  24. The heroic badge one – I’m currently a bit low on badges having bought pretty much all the heirloom gear for various alts, but I’m working on building my total back up.
  25. The expensive one from the Sons of Hodir – I’m exalted and have the gold so can pick this one up whenever. Will probably wait until I’m a little closer with the rest though.

The final ones will probably come from doing a spot more jousting/Tournament related dailys.  If my maths is correct, there are 10 potential mounts that I can still grab through jousting, only 4 of which actually made the list so I have plenty of leeway should Lady Luck continue to hate on me. Although I’m also killing Attumen every week in the vague hope that he’ll drop a fiery warhorse. Having three character’s exalted with the Violet Eye and never having see one though, I can’t say I’m particularly optimistic though. However I want it done before Cataclysm ships and makes it easier.

Basically all it comes down to is time, time and lots and lots of jousting.

One of great things to come out of this mount farming however is I’ve discovered just how much fun the Netherwing dailies actually are. The Booterang quest is amazing, I wish we could throw them at players. Someone is slacking in a raid, a booterang to the face will wake them up. Then there is the races to become “Top Orc”, I wish they were repeatable quests because I had such fun doing them. Skyshatter provided a challenge and when I vanquished him, I felt a real sense of accomplishment. On the downside, I still haven’t learnt to love jousting. It’s not that I can’t do it, it just annoys me on some level I can’t quite understand. Vehicle stuff doesn’t normally bother me half as much as the jousting does, for example I like fighting on the back of dragons and even Flame Leviathan but jousting leaves me cold.


6 Responses

  1. Jousting is just not priestly… perhaps I’ve seen too many creaky old costume dramas but the idea of sitting on a horse in a sissy robe while somebody charges at me with a great big bit of wood is Really Not Good.

  2. That may well it be it. As a Priestess of Elune why on earth would I hitch my robes up, sit aside a horse and charge someone with a pointy stick when I can just melt their mind from 30 yards. Like High Inquisitor Whitemane we need a champion to joust for us. Wouldn’t say no to her AoE sleep either.

  3. Impressive list, GL on the quest for the 100th! I do hope you get your mount, I need to work on that also. I am lazy these days…

    • Thanks.

      I’m lazy too, hence the need to make a list to try and motivate myself. I’m just a bit scared that I’ll look back in 6 months time and I’ll still be at 73.

  4. Funny story I was alliance for 6 months, almost every day I farm Baron, never saw mount. I went back to horde, and I just did baron to farm mats like on my 3rd day being back as horde. I got the stupid mount. And being undead having the Barons mount not as cool as being alliance and having it 😦

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