Shared Topic – Preparing for Cataclysm

This week’s shared topic comes courtesy of  Nexdominus.

What are you doing if anything to get ready for cataclysm?

My pre-cataclysm plans are fairly simple. My main focus is on the things which are likely to be changing when the expansion hits.

Examples of that would be the following:

  • Completing Loremaster on Erinys (not many quests left now) and maybe just maybe trying to complete it on Tansy too (although that might be taking masochism a tad too far).
  • Explorer on as many characters as I can be bothered dragging around Azeroth.
  • Complete all the Classic dungeons on at least my Priest and Druid just in case any change with Cataclysm.
  • Finish collecting my dungeon set one gear on both the Priest and Druid, then complete the quest chain to upgrade them.
  • Finish the Doomguard summoning quest on Teasel. We know the Blasted Lands will be changed some what, so I want to finish this just in case the quest giver gets a Worgen farmstead dropped on top of him.

Besides those I want to collect as much gold as possible so I can afford all those gold sinks Blizzard like adding. Being able to upgrade all mounts to 310%, money for any Cataclysm versions of the Traveller’s Tundra Mammoth, that sort of thing. In tandem with this, I’m working on clearing out all the junk in my bags across all characters. Unfortunately I’m such a hoarder and things like old PvP sets which aren’t sellable tend to sneak past my radar, hogging bag space for months.

I’m not 100 percent about which character/s will be my main/s in the next expansion, so I need to level my shaman to 80 as well. She’s currently enhancement and lv 72 sitting in the Howling Fjord, but I’m tempted towards speccing elemental/resto and hitting Alterac Valley. Seeing how many Horde I can throw off the bridge at Dun Baldar could be considerably more fun than repeating quests again.

Finally I’m thinking about the two remaining character slots I have on the server I call home. Current thinking is drifting towards a Nightelf mage and either a Worgen shadowpriest or rogue, although Gnome shadowpriest is exceedingly tempting too. So I’m working on finishing up my heirloom collection as well as trying to think of possible names for them.

In general though, I’m not too worried about preparing for the expansion. I’ve never been prepared before and things have always worked out ok.

What if anything are you doing to prepare for this cataclysmic time?

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