The Devil is in the Details

The level of detail across the game is amazing and full of surprises. Every time I think I’ve seen everything, I keep finding little gems hidden in corners.

Take for example Tinky Wickwhistle. She’s a typical gnome, curious and fond of blowing stuff up. When you first encounter her (as Alliance) those traits have got her into trouble. She’s caged inside Talramas in the Borean Tundra, having been caught exploring. Now being an engineer she has a plan which can’t possibly fail. It requires you to collect a few basic items, but nothing too taxing.

Caged Tinky being questioned by Mr Chilly

On your return, covered in ghoul goo and who knows what else having slaughtered half an Necropolis, you discover that like most engineering plans, this one backfired. Tinky is still in the cage, but she feels lighter….

Lighter by an evil twin. Eeek. At this point the quest involving Tinky ends here. She sends you off to tell her friends that she’s ok and in the meantime starts working on yet another escape plan. The first time I encountered her, I wondered where that evil twin ended up, but by the time I left the boring Borean Tundra, I admit I had forgotten that little gnome stuck in a cage.

Fast forward several levels and my adventures took me to Icecrown. Working on eliminating the competition for the Leaper, who did I spot but Tinky Wickwhistle the evil twin.

Evil Tinky, now with a much higher gearscore!!!

Like us, she had levelled to 80 and obviously run Naxxramas a few times for some armour upgrades. With her battlecry of “Grrrr! I’ll kneecap ya!”, she has at least one thing in common with her “non-evil” twin, a love of engineering. Rather than let you defeat her in a fair fight, Tinky takes a flying leap off the mountain and parachutes off.

Not only that, she remembers you if you’ve completed the quest. I love the fact that someone actually went to the effort of including the evil Tinky in-game and didn’t just leave her as a footnote in a quest chain.

4 Responses

  1. I had no idea this existed o.O I’m going to hunt for evil tinky now!

  2. EEEE! I’ve been working through Northrend now I’m Alliance and I LOVED the Tinky questline, but I had no idea her evil twin was *actually* out there. I’m thrilled to bits!

  3. […] win IoC which given the pink boxes is 99 percent of the time these days. Number 3 is a certain Gnome and her evil twin. Finally we come to yet another Gnome, this time one lazying away the days on a […]

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