Cataclysm – New Druid Talent Trees

So Blizzard released another draft of their proposed talent trees. I’m not going to go into details, the information can be found here if you are interested. I just want to jump around with joy. I realise it may not go live like this but you can’t blame a girl for being excited and hoping. What’s the reason for my excitement?

Feral charge is back down on the third tier of feral. 11 points into the tree so my resto builds can once again include it for PvP. Yay. All through Vanilla this was a staple of my druid build and I’m so happy at the thought of having it back again.

The added icing on the cake is the fact that you could technically pick up both feral charge and solar beam (the balance silence which is also 11 points in) whilst having a decent resto build.


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