The Calm before the Storm

Fear the attack of four headed Pre-expansion Slumpiness Monster, it has tentacles and lots of pointy teeth. Yes, this is last week’s Blog Azeroth shared topic which I failed to post in time (also my anti virus has broken my linking temporarily). Summer with football, work and sunshine is getting in the way of my WoW time. It’s screenshot heavy because pictures say more than words, not because sticking pictures up is easier than typing.

I’m attacking the doldrums in a couple of ways:

Firstly, exploring. We know that the Cataclysm is going to reshape the world as we know it. Therefore I want to make sure I’ve see everything there is as it currently stands. Not just completing the Explorer achievement, because I still haven’t finished that but going off the beaten track as well. As part of this, I’m also revisiting all the old instances, especially old favourites like Stratholme, Scholomance and Dire Maul.

Nest and her orphan planning an attack on Sun Rock Retreat

I only just realised that this path skirts the whole of the town and lets little Alliance take a short cut to the Charred Vale without having to run through town.

Secondly, achievements. When presented with a list, I have this instinctive need to tick off all it’s components. Therefore I’m working through all the achievements I have yet to complete.

I really thought this guy didn’t exist. I’ve run Razorfen Kraul so many times on so many alt hunters and I’ve never seen him. Then there I was ticking the place off for my Priest’s Classic Dungeonmaster… and what do I spot but the Blind Hunter. Unfortunately the Nightstalker bow he drops isn’t much use for her.

Then there is PvP. Unlike raid instances and five mans, battlegrounding never gets boring. It might be frustrating, annoying and the res timer is always at 30 seconds but it’s never dull. Each new group of people you play with will do different things. In one Arathi Basin you might have a massive fight at the farm, in the next some random guy might be quoting Shakespeare whilst sitting on the stables roof. Whether you win or lose, each game is unique.

Joining /worlddefense is also good for keeping your PvP hand in. No the skeleton is not mine, it’s that of a very bad (in both senses of the word) rogue who didn’t realise that killing innocent little levellers is a very naughty thing to do.

Finally my last method for dealing with WoW ennui is to find the fun, quirky and often downright odd things to do in-game. Whether it’s jumping off the Twin Colossals or white water rafting in Grizzly Hills, there are lots of weird things to play around with. Can we 2 person that boss or this one, what happens if you climb up this mountain or how far can you kite Gamon? From challenges set by other bloggers to the random ideas you get at 4 am after several bottles of beer, the list of things to play around with are endless.

Getting stuck in weird and interesting places is always good too. This is the inside of the top of the Horde base on the Isle of Conquest. The moral here, watch where you leap.


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