Go straight to Alterac Valley

I’m back. I logged today for the first time in almost 5 weeks. What did I do… I went straight to AV (yes I worry about my sanity sometimes too). Well I had to find out whether or not anything had changed in my short absence from the game. So off to Stonehearth bunker we went. The  Horde scenting a wounded Moonkin still flock to the slaughter, lining up to be thrown out of the window. The Alliance, well, we still can’t spell. Lots of variations on the theme of “Lol aLLiance sux” which was surprising since we were winning. To conclude, it’s like I never left.

On a slightly different theme, have to say I “LOVE” the new festival boss queuing thingie. Less than a minute waiting time even when we queued as double dps. It’s a little sad you can’t two man them any more, but the lack of waiting for randoms, people lying about summons and generally being annoying is amazing. Thank you Blizzard.

2 Responses

  1. Oh I have to try the new queueing for the festival boss. I wanted to go on my dps and I was tired so didn’t want to wait for 20 mins like I do for Heroics. Nice to know it’s a lot quicker for the festival boss 🙂

    I think you could stay away for 5 months and AV would still be the same when you came back 😛

    • “I think you could stay away for 5 months and AV would still be the same when you came back”

      I suspect you’re right. Just can’t decide whether that’s good or really bad.

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