Midsummer Screenshot Madness

Today’s screenshots are all influenced in some way by the Midsummer Fire Festival.

Midsummer is one of my favourite festivals, combining as it does faster levelling for alts and a reason to visit far flung locations. Running around picking up flames on all my characters has given me lots of chances to visit old familiar places, taking pictures as I went.

Winterspring –  looking tranquil as always. The Midsummer Fire Festival always seems out of place amongst the snowy landscapes though. Bet Ahune would prefer it here to that damp cavern he currently spawns in. The Ice Stone wouldn’t melt in Winterspring, bad planning on his part really.

Feathermoon Stronghold – looking mysterious and moody.

Terokkar Forest – Really they should light the bonfire on the bone wastes. I guess someone likes to live dangerously.

Grizzly Hills –  a certain outhouse that any Alliance who have completed the Amberseed quest chain will remember with mixed emotions. Nice to see they dress it up for the festival though.

Wonder if the blossom hides the smell?

Given the fiery nature of this festival we decided to visit the hottest place on Azeroth, Molten Core itself. I haven’t really been back since Vanilla (a small trip 18 months ago to kill two bosses hardly counts) and the first thing I noticed is how small it seems these days. The second and perhaps scariest thing was that a disc priest and a feral druid now do the same dps as a 40 man raid did back then. Anyway, insects we may be, but it was too soon for Ragneros and down he went. He still didn’t drop my tier 2 pants though.

You just can't get the minions these days

The hardest boss for us was Sulfuron Harbringer. We were struggling on the dps front (stupid healers)  until I remembered I had mana burn and then it suddenly became trivial. We did however both get the achievement which was fair enough for Tabby, after all that druid has only existed since March but my priest farmed Ragnaros for a 9 month period.. grrr. In which time I think my guild saw one pair of tier 2 pants drop, about as many priest pants as we got priest dresses from Nef in fact – random loot maybe random but it sure doesn’t feel like it when you get hunter/warlock loot for the 10th week in a row. Unless of course, you are a hunter or a warlock in which case, it’s random and well deserved.

Finally, we have a spot of Dark Iron art. This beauty can be found hanging on the walls of Blackrock Depths.

Happy Midsummer Fire Festival and may your loot bags drop scythes and mini-pets!

4 Responses

  1. Lovely pics. I am enjoying this event too. Thinking of those old runs makes me feel like re-visiting old world some. Very cool pic at the bottom, I’ve never noticed it.

    • It’s in the living quarter bit just before you get to the vault. I don’t think I’ve noticed it before either (which given how many BRD runs I did in vanilla is scary). We were attuning our druids to MC and I drew the short straw and had to die to get the quest for the shadowforge key and I got combat ressed underneath it. Even the darkest clouds have a silver lining.

  2. Love the screenshots 🙂

    I haven’t been in Molten Core since Vanilla I think. But we sure did spend a lot of time in there during Vanilla. I’ve switched mains since, and it’s just sad to not have achievements from places that you know you’ve been to – just not on that character.

    • Yep, I’d love account wide achievements for some things. It would really make alts a lot more viable I think.

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