I came, I saw, I explored!

I am an Explorer! Finally. Ok, it’s taken a while but now Erinys has another new and shiny title which she won’t use.

I have a bit of an allergy to titles. The whole concept seems a little odd to me, plus they make it harder to hide behind stuff in PvP. Then there is the stereotyping I’ve seen attached to certain ones. For example in my Battle-group at least both Jenkins and The Patient seem to come with negative connotations.  If you turn up in a dungeon or battleground displaying either, at least one person will try to make something of it. Whilst I wouldn’t use either (can’t imagine a Night Elf being called Jenkins and I’m most certainly not patient), I don’t like something as frivolous (in the sense that it’s intended to be fun) as a title being used to bully people.

On top of that, the majority of titles really don’t mix with the personalities I think my characters  have. When I close my eyes, I imagine my Night Elf priest to be some what lacking in the sense of humour department. I can’t help but think she’s cold, austere and terribly sensible, not the sort of person to be running around with The Love Fool displayed over her head (bet she wouldn’t approve of bright pink ink either). In fact she probably thinks that wearing that one in public  is a smiting offence. Now if there was a Priestess of Elune perhaps, but the current options leave her cold.

I would really like to see the implementation of class related stuff. The Benediction chain was amazing as was the Druid swift flight form quest, why can’t we have more stuff like that, ending possibly with a class and race related title amongst other things. These chains could be like the modern Quel’delar one, where everything is either soloable or done in 5 mans to make it accessible to all.

On the other hand, my shaman still uses her Hand of A’dal, probably because she’s a Draenei and my Undead priest wears her General with pride (I farmed the vast majority of it through PuGs and I still get numb thinking about it). All my other characters, despite having access to at least one title each display nothing. Having said that, if Nest manages to do all the Winter’s Veil stuff this year, she may become the Merrymaker. I think it may go with her sprout hairstyle, plus the gnomish giggle.

So which titles do your characters and why? If like me you don’t partake, what titles if any could be added to make you change your mind?

Why did I do the explorer if not for the title? A couple of reasons really, the first being I can’t stand a list with everything bar one last little trivial item ticked off and the second, well Azeroth baring a few little blips like the Searing Gorge is a beautiful place. We should all explore it at least once.


4 Responses

  1. On occasion I will put on a title because I feel like it, but most of the time I run around titleless. A title I wouldn’t have minded is The Exalted, but I’m way way WAY too lazy to do the insane farming needed for that one.

    Other than that I don’t bother too much with my titles, unless for fun now and then.

    I did Explorer on my warlock back when she was my main, and I have to admit I’ve not done it again. While titles are cool they’re just not enough of an incentive – and achievements in the long run is starting to feel like a waste of time since I’ve switched my main character 4 times since vanilla and I get so sad when I know I’ve done something, but my current main doesn’t show it.

    Also wish I could transfer mounts between characters *lol* Hate having a rare drop on an alt or character I no longer play!

    • Mounts and pets between characters would be amazing, that way my hyacinth macaw could fly out of my old druid’s bags and into my priest’s. My hunter has the brewfest kodo too and I don’t think I’ve logged her since brewfest.

      Wouldn’t mind accountwide achievements either, for some of the major ones. Even if it had them in brackets for the characters you didn’t do the achievement on to distinguish between them.

  2. Gratz on the explorer title!!

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