Midsummer Memories

Across Azeroth the bonfires are dying down, leaving only a few scattered embers glowing in the dust as a reminder of the Fire Festival. Midsummer is over for another year.

The fires are extinguished

Next to Hallows End, Midsummer has always been my favourite festival but this year I ended up with mixed emotions.

The Good

What with the whispers of something cataclysmic coming on the wind, a reason to revisit old areas is always good. I took plenty of screenshots whilst collecting fires, just in case any of my favourite areas vanish under a large quantity of lava any time soon.

The experience buff was amazing. 10 percent extra experience from mobs plus all the experience from collecting the flames and the dailies saw my Gnome warrior rocket up from around lv 40 to 58 really fast. We got to skip zones like Searing Gorge and Un’goro this time around, choosing instead to do things like steal the flame of  Undercity. Have to say I was amazed that the Forsaken allowed two lv 54s to wander around pinching stuff without killing them. Seemed very out of character for the Horde (not that I’m complaining or anything).

My little warrior also got the spirit of summer to keep her company through all the long autumnal nights. That has to be one of my favourite pets, I imagine it’s soft glowing light evokes summer blossoms, warm breezes and the aroma of freshly baked fire-toasted bun. Just the thing to keep the winter blues away.

The end of the Festival party. I love fireworks and those toasting cups are awesome. I want them all year around please.

The Bad

Ahune and his satchels. I killed him every single day of the Festival on two characters. My boyfriend did likewise, which I think makes 60 kills. Neither of us got the pet and neither of us got the scythe. In fact the only people I saw getting anything other than emblems in their bags, were two deathknights and a paladin who all got….. the scythe which they can’t use. I know it’s fairly pathetic to whine about a mini-pet, but I’ve always collected them. I had bags full of cute little critters way before achievements made them cool to the majority. The fact that I couldn’t do anything to increase my chance of getting this one made me slightly sad.

Now I love the queue system, it’s great and hassle free but I can’t help wishing either the vanity items had a higher drop rate or like the mace from the brewfest, they were BoE so those who have no interest could sell them to those that do.

So that’s my whining over until the next festival, although I’ve got sinister squashlings on pretty much every character I possess so the rest of the year should be drama free. We also had some really weird groups for Ahune. I saw at least one mage and several hunters only manage to do around 30 000 damage on the whole fight. They were not surprising out dpsed by the healer. The number of all druid or close to all druid groups surprised me as well. 2 ferals, 2 boomkins and resto… how can you go wrong with that!


3 Responses

  1. I like the Midsummer Festival too (maybe because I’m from Sweden and we celebrate Midsummer’s Eve every year) – though I don’t exactly love the running about collecting fires. But it was still pretty decent – since doing it on two characters netted me a nice 1600 gold or so. 🙂

    Ahune hates me too! I killed him so many times on several characters and still no pet. No scythe either, but that didn’t bother me so much since none of my characters that could use it needs it. But the pet… 😦 I collect vanity pets, and I would have so liked to have that one.

  2. […] Lord Ahune and his refusal to cough up pets or scythes on characters who could use it (I may have whined about it a few […]

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