Screenshot Saturday – An Exercise in Frustration

I logged this morning thinking I’d do a couple of Isle of Conquests. Given that the “random” battleground queue favours Strand of the Ancients over all others, I love the battleground weekends as they provide an opportunity to do something different. So there I am in the queue, no time available on the last 10 players and I wait. I wait a bit more and then a bit more. Nothing so I decide to ride down and finish exploring the last few bits of Westfall my Druid is missing. Explore Westfall pings, still no eta on an Isle of Conquest.

Off I go to Redridge, one of my favourite zones.

The sky always looks so vivid above those orange cliffs. I feel the Orcs are missing a trick here, that bridge would be awesome for a spot of bungee jumping. Instead of fighting people all day long they could make a fortune as a tourist attraction.

Definitely vacation spot worthy, little hidden pools with waterfalls to shower under and clear water to bathe in. Although I’m drawn to all zones with lots of water in them. By the time I had finished exploring Redridge and taken the time to jump off the bridge and swim in all the lakes… still no Isle of Conquest.

Into the Burning Steppes I go. Collect some thorium, explore the zone fully, kill a rarespawn and up into Blackrock Mountain. By this point I remember my Druid still hasn’t handed in her attunement to the core quest, so I take a quick dive into the lava (it really isn’t as hot as I remember it being) and get my handful of silver. Sprinting up the chain, it’s out in the Searing Gorge.

Once that is fully explored, off into the Badlands I go.

Pay the creepy dead guy in the crypt a visit. Wonder if the two sidekicks were servants or just passers-by who made the fatal mistake of trying to steal his sword. I love how Blizzard put stuff like this in-game, it serves or at least seems to serve no real purpose but it’s great to discover, especially by chance.

Badlands explored, still no Isle of Conquest. By the time I cross into Loch Modan, I’m starting to get distinctly grumpy. Ride around the lake, find yet more rarespawns and wonder why Loch Modan is called a loch yet all the lakes in the Dwarf start zone are called lakes. If they were sticking with the Scottish theme, shouldn’t they all be lochs? Wondering if it’s due to size and wishing I had paid more attention in geography, I leap from the dam.

Just underneath is one of my favourite picnic spots. It’s quiet, perhaps not surprisingly because not that many people actually seem to leap off the dam (I have to admit, I wouldn’t recommend it without either slowfall, levitate or engineering). Climbing down the rest of the way, still waiting for my Isle of Conquest, I explored the Wetlands in a leisurely fashion. Making sure I took the time to get a good look at Grim Batol and picking up a baby dragon hatchling on route.

Squawk and Awe in action

Having satisfied myself that I had completely and fully explored the Wetlands and by now rather fed up, I crossed into Arathi Highlands. Where, obviously picking up on my mood, the heavens opened. Then just when I was about to log in disgust, an enter Isle of Conquest dialogue box promptly appeared. The game lasted all of eight minutes and was a series of disasters from start to finish, but at least  I got a game, right?


4 Responses

  1. Oh wow, that was quite some queue!

    Lovely screenshots though. Whereabouts in Redridge is that waterfall? It looks so beautiful.

    • When you look at the map of Redridge, it’s the pool of water directly underneath the Tower of Ilgalar.

  2. Boomkin on a parachute … that’s sublime.

    • It’s a thing of beauty!

      With trinkets popped I can usually kill anyone afk on their flying mount as long as they have less than 26k health :p

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