Monday Musing

I’ve been running UBRS in the vain hope that I’ll get another Devout Dress. I realise now that destroying it as soon as I got an upgrade in Molten Core was  a huge mistake. So far however, it refuses to drop. No doubt that’s karma or something as I got one the first time I ventured in there originally. Anyway, I’ve got this semi crush on Victor Nefarius. He’s got some of the best bad guy lines in-game and whilst his minions might be muppets, he at least understands the importance of killing the healer first (although he obviously forgets it as soon as he turns into a dragon).

On top of that, there is his excellent dress sense. A fiery halo/crown definitely says it’s owner means business. The thought of a dragon with leather working is a bit sick though.

Who are these two and why are they lurking just outside Feathermoon Stronghold? Victims of a shipwreck perhaps but then why not seek aid in the town five yards away.  No doubt they are up to no good.

There are so many of these unused NPCs lurking around Azeroth. Intended perhaps to be quest givers, they serve no purpose. I hope come Cataclysm, rather than just removing them, Blizzard give them something to do.

Finally, why don’t people defend in battlegrounds? Picture this, Arathi Basin. An Alliance held node is under attack, it’s being announced in battleground chat. You res at said node and riding past you see a Priest fighting two Horde. So far she’s in no great danger of dying in the next 20 seconds but it’s obvious she isn’t going to win. What do you do?

Well if you play in Misery, you ride past and go to the safety of a node which isn’t under attack and happens to be already well defended. I could perhaps understand someone not reading battleground chat, but he selected me and surely he could hardly miss the fact that I was covered in debuffs. Nor I would imagine could he miss the two fairly large Horde thumping me in the face. It smacks of cowardice, but why would anyone suffer from that in game? It’s not as if I’m covered in bruises because my Priest spent the morning PvPing. I am however covered in bruises but that’s because I’m an idiot who fell down stairs last week. Dying doesn’t cost you anything in battlegrounds and surely winning is better than dying a couple of times anyway?

In other news, Erinys picked up mount number 74. I never thought I’d like to ride a ram, but I’m rather taken with this one’s evil violet eyes. He looks ever so slightly mad.

My baby warrior is not so baby any more. She’s lv 67 and hating Outlands with a passion. In fact the only thing she hates more than questing at the moment is frost mages. Unfortunately half our battlegroup seem to be levelling frost mages in preparation for the expansion. Battlegrounds are a painful place when skillstorm is on cooldown. I love bladestorm, it’s like junk food or cherry joke. You know it’s bad for you but it’s so much fun, especially when warlocks desperately spam fear into it. At lv 67 being able to do 14k of damage from one ability seems a little overpowered.

Outside WoW, my new favourite thing is a recipe for yoghurt cake. It’s completely foolproof, unlike our stairs and always tastes delicious. This morning I made one with creamy banana yoghurt and lots of banana bits and the whole house smells of baking.


2 Responses

  1. I think Nefarian is wearing leather because when his minions fail him he kills them and skins them. Killing two birds in one stone, you know? Also, I imagine it serves as a really great way of keeping your minions in line if you happen to be wearing their cousin as your new boots.

    The BG thing… like, wow.. That’s horrible. Okay, I admit I will run if there’s 1 person.. 5 horde.. and me.. I know I won’t sway the outcome of it. But 2 against 2.. with a healer.. that’s a win situation! Heck 3 against 2 if one is a healer is even a given!

    I might not always run even with 5 horde though, I usually run in and try to keep them from capping the flag for as long as possible, hoping against hope that reinforcements will arrive. (Sometimes my one-man army friend ret-paladin with insane gear shows up.. btw Paladins are OP)

    In general I do find the same situation as you though. People just don’t care to give you a hand, they run off somewhere else. Which means not only that you die, but that the base is definitely lost. It’s good to see what we play to win, yeah?

  2. Sometimes I wonder if I’m not a bit too focused on winning. Ah well.

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