Finally, I’ve done it. I tracked down those last few remaining quests today and was rewarded with perhaps the ugliest tabard ever.

The extra icing on the cake was picking up a leaping hatchling in passing. He’s adorable.

I was surprised at just how many quests the Alliance can do in the Barrens but my main tip to anyone struggling to find quests for either continent would be to pick up your dungeon set bracers, i.e. if you’re a priest like me, the devout ones and tackle the quest chain to upgrade it. It’s amazing fun and sends you all over the place looking at things which might cease to exist very soon.

8 Responses

  1. Grats on Loremaster! It is an ugly tabard, isn’t it?

  2. Thanks. Yes, very ugly, can’t see me wearing it ever again.

  3. Oooh congratulations 🙂 I’m not going to comment on the eh.. nice.. tabard.. but will say that your hatchling is adorable! 😛

  4. Now you have to give us a quest.

    • No problem, but you aren’t allowed to abandon it even if you don’t like it or the drop rate sucks. The reward might be a bit dubious too, the real life version of something you get in Darkshore perhaps.

  5. Congrats on Loremaster! Long haul but a big thing, esp. with Cata looming 🙂

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