Fair Play

This weekend is an Arathi Basin weekend and sadly there is a new trend in town.

In  each of the games I’ve played, at least one person has tried to cheat. What do you do when you’re playing a team game with strangers and not all of them are playing by the rules?

Sure, I’m competitive to the point of being slightly crazy but I loathe cheating (apart from when I’m playing Mr Harpy at Chess. What can I say, he’s better at it than me and besides cheating at Chess requires skill). Winning fairly is far more fun than winning because some “enterprising” mage has four bases tagged before the other team make it out of the gate. But just as the Horde team are helpless in the face of those tactics so are the rest of the Alliance team. We can’t stop people escaping early and  we can’t stop them tagging up half the map.

So when the gates finally open, what can we do? Absolutely nothing. Standing around and letting the Horde win would let down the rest of your team, besides it goes against every fibre of my being. Instead, we end up defending nodes won in dubious circumstances, after all, what other choice do we have. Each victory feels hollow but we can’t do anything about it. You enter each new game thinking “this one will be different”, but it never is. In one game I played this afternoon, by the time the gates opened legitimately I was one of only three people still trapped behind them. Yep, that’s a level playing field if ever I saw one.

What are Blizzard doing about this? Nothing it seems. This exploit has existed for years but for some reason it’s got really popular today. I know the Horde in my Battlegroup aren’t particularly adverse to cheating themselves, they were rather bad with flag runners grabbing rides in choppers before that bug got fixed but I don’t want to win like this. I want a proper fight, not one where the enemy don’t see the point in fighting properly because you have a major head start. Right now, cheaters are ruining the game for the Horde and for the Alliance who don’t want victory handed to them on a tainted plate. One or two people (in most cases) spoiling games for 28-9 others and yet reporting them doesn’t seem to make a difference.

So come on Blizzard, stop playing with ideas like RealID and fix the PvP system please. It’s stuff like this that stops you handing out decent items for people just doing their best in random battlegrounds. Cheating on a scale like this needs stopping and stopping fast. At this rate, the vast majority of Alliance will forget how to properly play AB without a cheat code so when it does get fixed, our win rate will plummet (got to get my priorities straight).

Imagine a rated Battleground Arathi Basin in which the Alliance team has four nodes tagged before the gates open and is waiting by the Horde entrance with a bunch of CC heavy classes… Something needs done and soon. Personally I’d like to see all honour, all items earnt by honour, all arena points and all arena related items removed from people who cheat in PvP. There is no way you tag the Blacksmith by accident before the game starts, there is no way you downloaded a bot program by accident nor are you jumping a corner because you think there might be rainbow fairies hiding in your pocket. Not only are these cheats gaining things they don’t deserve, they are griefing other people and that’s something that needs taken very seriously in a multi player game.

Ah well, only another 200 or so wins to exalted then I’m never going to set foot in Arathi Basin ever again. Although no doubt by the time I’m exalted, the random battleground finder will stop picking Strand of the Ancients for me and start giving me Arathi Basin instead.

5 Responses

  1. … there’s an Exploit in Arathi? I totally did not realise this.

    Can you blink through the gates or something?

  2. People are able to get ontop of the start building through a bit of wall climbing at the back, then ride off it and land outside the gate, it can be made worse by the fact that anyone with multi-person mount can then sit outside the gate with people entering their mount and leaving the mount on the other side.

    I would imagine premades using this exploit could have every player outside the gate before game start, and have a few people ready to slow/snare horde leaving their start, and the rest ready to meet them at the farm.

    We have seen 4 nodes tagged before game start and that was just PuG exploits. There are a couple of threads on both EU and US forums, and supposedly most threads just get deleted, even the ones not telling how to exploit.

    This is an alliance only exploit atm, as the horde probably can’t wall climb it with their base setup.

    It needs fixed asap. Personally I feel they should have had simple safeguards in all these games, i.e. if a flag is interacted with before game start, disconnect the player, lock the account and flag for GM investigation, same for WSG, if the minimum time using sprints/boots etc. to traverse a flag is 40secs, then any flag getting picked up and capped within 30secs, should get the same result, (thinking speed hacks/warping/mounts etc.), same for Eots.

  3. Basically this.

    It’s happening in most of the brackets in my battlegroup and virtually every game.

  4. That is so annoying, and I’m with you on the whole not enjoying the victory.

    It feels like – in a way – that there would be an easy solution for Blizzard. Why not just make it so that you can’t even begin capping the bases before the game begins. Or even, say, 30 seconds in (should be about the time it takes you to make it to the closest base). Then getting out of the gates beforehand really makes no difference.

    I’d never use a cheat in WoW – but admittedly I’m lazy enough to make myself a billionaire in The Sims 😛 (probably because I don’t enjoy the game enough to play longer than it takes to create a house anyway).

    • Yep, make the flags not interactable until the gates open but it doesn’t seem as if Blizzard are doing anything.

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