What brings you here?

Being easily amused, I’ve been flicking around with some of the WordPress options. From there it was a small jump to glancing at the various searches that bring people here.

Much to my surprise, top of the list is shared by two rather similar phrases. Neither of which I had in mind when I named the blog.

  • Harpy Sex
  • Sexy Harpy

When I close my eyes, I have to admit Harpies don’t naturally filter to the top as beings I would call sexy. What makes it worse is when I search on google for “sexy harpy”, I don’t make the first page or the second or the third. So that’s an awful lot of “interesting” pages you have to wade through before ending up here. The theme then continues with

  • beautiful harpys

and my personal favourite

  • harpie lady almost naked

The “almost” seems slightly out of place, as if someone was shyly searching for dirty pictures and didn’t quite dare look for naked. The sexy theme then progresses onto Vykrul.

Not Sexy

From there we visit conspiracy theories

  • random numbers are not random

I have to agree, it certainly feels that way when you’re queuing for random battlegrounds and you get five Strand of the Ancients in a row. However as the oh so sensible Mr Harpy points out whenever I’m bitching about SofA, random means the dice could land on a five 6 times in a row. Random is too random for my tastes, why can’t it be like the cd player in the car where random means never getting the same track twice in a row.

Then we have people after my own heart

  • harpies playable wow

Yes please. Harpies would be a far better option than Worgen and Goblins.

Finally something sensible,

  • ally warlock trainer in kalimdor

The bunch of scheming up to no good warlock quest givers in Ratchet will also train you in the demonic arts. At the moment though, they are the only ones so it’s a bit of a hike to the Barrens if you are a low level.

Recently there have been a few people searching for things like

  • healing rain overpowered (healing rain can be replaced with various new Cataclysm abilities)

It’s beta so who knows how the game will ship. What is overpowered now, probably won’t be by the time the game goes live. Hopefully, Blizzard will finally manage to balance all the healers (the cynic in me says if this happens, it will only be because we all really really suck) this time around.


4 Responses

  1. Search terms can be so fun to look at. You really do wonder sometimes what people were thinking.

    About vrykuls though.. I actually think they’d be an awesome playable race. Not the blue ones in Storm Peaks – but the big, viking looking ones in Howling Fjord. Me wants!

    • I love the Vrykuls, or at least the female ones. I’d definitely like to play a big, raw, aggressive female character for once. One who doesn’t look as if a strong breeze would knock her over.

      As for the search terms, it’s reinforced my belief in the fact that the internet is a scary place.

  2. I sometimes get a good chuckle at the terms used that have pulled people to my blog but I think yours take the cake!

    • Must be such a disappointment to them though, searching for that and ending up here looking at pictures of pixels.

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