Shared Topic – A Picture tells a thousand words

This week the shared topic at Blog Azeroth is all about Screenshots.

You know the saying, a picture tells a thousand words? It’s true! But, for us WoW players, that also extends to screenshots and fanart.

So, include a screenshot, some fanart, or even some art that you create yourself, and tell what it reminds you of. Does it make you smile? Remember a hilarious circumstance in a heroic with some guildies? Or even mutter to yourself, “They really should nerf ___insert class here___”?

Be inspired by screenshots and WoW artwork, and blog about it!

Suggested by Nenunial.

When Mr Harpy and I first started playing, we really didn’t realise just how big the game world was. We started out as a little Nightelf in Teldrassil, running around doing errands for people and cursing the spider cave. Then when we arrived in Darnassus… I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was huge and so pretty. Every time I discovered something new, I was oohing and awing like a child. The sea monsters off the coast of Darkshore, the way the landscape changed so dramatically as you went from zone to zone, everything had me awestruck.

Then when we were about lv 12 we were invited into a PvP raid on Crossroads. As we headed from the gloomy mists of Darkshore into the vibrant forests of Ashenvale, my eyes grew wider and wider. Then suddenly, skirting the Mor’shan Rampart, we emerged blinking into the bright golden savannah of the Barrens. Giraffes and Zebras and watering holes, suddenly whatever this PvP lark was, exploring seemed far more important.

I picked this picture out of the hundreds filling up my screenshot folder because it reminds me of a time when the game felt brand new. My favourite periods in WoW have always been the beginnings, the first months of vanilla, the first months of the Burning Crusade and the first months of WotLK. The times when there are so many new and exciting things to discover, often hiding in plain sight. Every time I look at this screenshot, it makes me smile as I remember how excited we were running around finding new things.

So from a happy picture, we go to a sad one. This is my old guild’s first Yogg kill and every time I look at this, I realise that despite how annoying half of the them were, I miss them and I miss raiding.

We are all puppies because one of our priests went and farmed 25 Rituals of the New Moon the night before the raid.

9 Responses

  1. It’s funny that you’re talking about starting the game, because that’s one of the posts I have planned for this week! The starting experience is always something special, isn’t it? I remember making so many screenshots during the first period of playing, and I’m really sad that I forgot to back them up when I switched computers. I only have a few left that I had uploaded to my photobucket account.

    Love that you were all there as wolves after the kill btw – that looks so cool 🙂

    • I think that expansions always make us think about the beginnings.

      I made the mistake of deleting the game half way through vanilla in a vain attempt at quitting so I lost the bulk of mine too. It’s one thing I really regret.

  2. I love the brand new game feeling. Expansions are different but they are good too, I am sooo looking forward to Cataclysm for this excitement again. Just need a breath of ‘New Game’ for a bit to get my fix!!

    I love that pic with the wolves. That was really cool a member did that. Very thoughtful and made a really awesome pic!

    • Especially thoughtful since when I went to bed at 2am the night before he was still grinding the recipe.

  3. I agree with you completely. The beginnings are my favorite part of WoW too! A whole world opened up for you to explore, the possibilities are simply mind boggling! I love the screenshots you chose to share, and the puppies are adorable! 😀

  4. Daw, that was nice of your guildie to farm up the rituals. I think I’d miss them too.

  5. It was kind of him and I think it cost him a fortune too.

    He’s still on the same server so we still talk but it’s not quite the same.

    • It never is. I know I miss quite a few of the guildies who left our guild. Having them only your friend’s list really doesn’t keep the conversations you normally would have going.

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