Burn Baby Burn

Spellsteal is addictive, also my Mage is now level 80 which makes her my eighth character to reach the level cap.

That rankwatch addon is almost as bad as gearscore in the annoying stakes. The next person who whispers me and says that I’m using the wrong rank of rejuvenation, renew or anything else is going to get hurt, even if I have to level a Horde to do so. Yes, I’m using a lower level rejuvenation, that’s because I just stole it from a lower level druid….grr. Trying to carry on a conversation in a battleground or Wintergrasp whilst that is spamming you is tricky.

The curious case of the missing tick

I was playing around with WoWhead’s Cataclysmic data and I noticed something horrible. Renew on the beta only lasts 12 seconds down from the 15 it is on live.

A quick check of rejuvenation indicated the same thing, the level 85 rank has a 12 second duration.

If this goes live, it seems as if Blizzard are intent on stamping out pre-hotting one way or another.


Healthstones are good and good players use them. If bad players continue to ignore Lightwell, we can live with that. If it becomes as useful as a Healthstone, perfect.

Also note that ignoring a Healthstone (or Lightwell) will be essentially like casting a mana drain on your healer, which is not the case today.

If Lightwell worked the same way as a Healthstone I would use them all the time. If the Lightwell went down before the fight began and people could collect a little beam of light to use whenever they needed, every Holy Priest would take Lightwell. However since that is not the case, two are not comparable.

I’m also a little worried about the implications of that statement. Holy Priests are the only healing spec burdened with a Lightwell so are we going to be the only ones suffering from these “mana drains” because our regen model is designed around people using it (even though it’s an optional talent which the majority of people hate)? Or are raids expected to bring a Lightwell and Healthstones as well as Health pots and bandages? Either way I have mixed feelings about Cataclysm and healing already.

Screenshot Saturday – Glitches

Can you guess the location of the bottom two pictures?

Wintergrasp Blues

I’m really beginning to loathe Wintergrasp, not because it has vehicles in it, or because it’s on a timer but because of the imbalance.

My server is high population but the Horde definitely outnumber the Alliance, possibly by as many as three to one. Of the Alliance, although there are still plenty of us, most people just aren’t interested in Wintergrasp by this point in the game. At the start when people actually wanted stuff of the various bosses, the win/loss ratio was roughly 50/50 but over time, we seem to win maybe once a day if we’re lucky.

Which means that games even at peak times tend to be in the region of 60 Alliance versus 120 Horde. Tenacity does absolutely nothing when 10 people are beating up on you and the extra damage portion just doesn’t pack a hard enough punch, although 23k starfires are nice when they land on undergeared trolls with offensively named pets.

So there we are, bravely battling on in an attempt to get my Mage her shoulders, when completely ignoring the numbers, people start whining about how the Alliance suck and it’s so easy for the Horde. Of course it’s easy when you completely outnumber the opposition. Arathi Basin is easy when there is 6 of them and 15 of you.

Implementing a one to one ratio surely wouldn’t be too hard and might even make them more money as people transfer faction to ensure they get games. Tenacity as it stacks should shorten cc duration, possibly even making you immune to cc completely if it reaches really high numbers. For the purpose of taking workshops and the like, people with tenacity should count as more than one person (some sort of scaling perhaps dependent on how many of each side are in-game), otherwise you just can’t take nodes if the numbers are heavily skewed. Vehicle health needs to scale better as well, because otherwise you just can’t keep them alive long enough to knock anything down.

However, ignoring that, I have to admit being worried about Cataclysm and Tol Barad. We need a number balancing system or a form of tenacity which works, otherwise it’s going to be impossible for us to compete and I don’t think I can take another few years of Horde making Alliance characters so they can crow about how much we all suck because they win when they have double the numbers.

Crocolisk Dreams

The one thing I really want from Cataclysm is a crocolisk mount.

Just like this one. No silly armour or saddles, just a plain, scaly crocolisk. Uldum would be the perfect place to introduce them, all that sand and Egyptian theme. Obviously I’ll settle for a camel but my heart’s really set on a crocolisk.

The Tale of Lyloid

Earlier this week, or possibly last week, Apple wrote about characters with gimmicks or quirks. So go and read her post if you haven’t already. Lyloid (who is Mr Harpy’s alter ego) has been around for a while and I’d been wondering about how best to blog about the little creature. Thank you Apple for helping to clear my head on the subject.

Every Gnome needs a cause. For some it’s the dream of taking back Gnomeregan, for others its the the thought of finally inventing something which doesn’t backfire. For Lyloid, it’s the thought of wiping Hemet Nesingwary and his cronies from the face of Azeroth.

It all began, as these things often do with a broken heart. Left alone whilst her best and only friend went off to fight the Scourge, Lyloid with pure Gnomish logic figured out that she too could venture to Northrend and be a hero. The boat from Stormwind deposited her on the cold wastes of the Borean Tundra and so Lyloid immediately set about exploring. Letters from home had told her that her friend was taking a brief spot of R & R in Sholezar Basin but without a map, travel proved tricky.

The first safe harbour she found was the D.E.H.T.A camp and it didn’t take many pamphlets to sway young Lyloid completely. Not only had she safely found Northrend but a few hours in, she already had a mission. She was going to hunt down the Butcher and all his followers. What better place to start than the deer hunters of the Borean Tundra.

Whilst I’m sure plenty of people get their first honourable kill in Northrend these days, I can’t help wondering just how many manage it at level 18 and I’d put money on the fact that very few level 18s score their first kill against lv 72s. (I actually felt rather sorry for the Shaman in question, but Lyloid was running straight at them and one shock would kill her…. so I didn’t have much choice).

Having spent a few successful hours culling Nesingwary’s lackeys and collecting their ears, Lyloid decided to hit Hemet closer to home… his son in Stranglethorn would be the perfect victim.

Lying in Wait

Gnomes are patient creatures, like crocolisks they can lurk submerged for hours just waiting for the perfect moment. Eventually some Undead Priests turned up, ready to slaughter wildlife for gold and secondhand clothing. No doubt they really weren’t expecting a lv 20 green haired gnome to throw itself at them. The element of surprise left Lyloid victorious once again.

Whilst so far the campaign has been successful, Lyloid realises that there is still a lot of wildlife to protect. Her next target is protecting Stanley from the Forsaken and then October might see her in Dragonblight preventing pup stealing by those evil Tuskarrs.

Knowing the enemy

However, wherever Lyloid ends up, her one true goal is eliminating Hemet. So next time you’re doing one his quests, be careful that a tiny ball of greenhaired gnome doesn’t throw itself at you.

(This is the reason I can’t leave him alone to play WoW without me).

Sunday Screenshots – Into the Mist

This is my favourite part of the Borean Tundra. I love the eye of the storm effect and because you rarely if ever find any other players doing these quests, it’s always peaceful.

A Naga Temple with a statue to Queen Azshara inside.

A closer view of the statue because I love the Medusalike look of her.