“This is the hour of the Forsaken”

This is Dornröschen, my undead priest who has been languishing at lv 70 mostly ignored since the  start of the  Burning Crusade. I suppose that’s rather appropriate for a character named after “Sleeping Beauty” but now she has awoken and she’s ready to spread chaos throughout Northrend.


The server that we normally play on is down for at least 24 hours, so we decided to pick up our old PvP characters and see just how different the Horde Northrend quests and areas are.

First Thoughts

Undercity still sucks. I spent about five minutes riding around in circles trying to figure out how to get to the reagent vendor. The elevator tried to eat Mr Harpy’s Tauren but spat him out just in time (obviously didn’t like the fur).

Frostwolf Howlers are beautiful. I had forgotten just how much I loved this mount. Please Blizzard introduce a programme in which my Nightelf can get work experience with the Frostwolf Clan. Experience suggests that Drek’thar would welcome a personal healer with open arms.

My windrider cub suddenly looks a lot more at home here.


We decided to start with Howling Fjord, mainly because of the Forsaken architecture which I’ve been admiring from afar. Have to say I much prefer the practicality of the zeppelins, they take you there and they drop you off. After all time is money, none of this scenic drifting past icebergs for 10 minutes that the Alliance go for.

I then spent the next five minutes or so running about Vengeance Landing on the pretext of exploring, getting excited. I love the Inn with it’s coffins and then I found this guy.

So the Horde get the Head Judge of Top Chef to teach them cooking and the Alliance get… a dwarf. Not fair Blizzard, not fair.

The other thing which interested me was the fact that when the Alliance arrive in Howling Fjord having taken a mini cruise around several icebergs, a couple of penguins and the bay, our entire focus is on the Vykrul. Learning more about them but mainly killing them and of course trying to rescue our own people at the same time. Compare that with the Horde, arrive in Vengeance landing and right away it’s the Alliance you are fighting. It feels like a war zone rather than the slightly relaxed, we had time to sort out our potted plants approach of the Alliance. Whilst the Alliance are learning how to Harpoon Surf, the Horde are dropping dirty bombs on their reinforcements, there seems to be a huge disparity between quests.

Then of course, there is the amazing looks of the Forsaken buildings.

I’m sure Doctor Frankenstein and every other slightly dubious scientist fiction and non fiction alike, would adore buildings like these. The coffins in the basement would just be the icing on the cake.

All in all, I’m actually glad that our server is down for 24 hours. Without heirlooms, without flying mounts, suddenly I feel like I did when Wrath shipped. Excited, wanting to push on, to see what’s around each and every corner. It’s as if I’m playing a completely new game.

4 Responses

  1. This makes me want to go back to my 70 horde rogue and take her to Howling Fjord. I started in Borean Tundra myself – and while the quests are at least somewhat different to the alliance ones it still felt a little bit boring. Howling Fjord on the other hand sounds awesome – I think it’s time for a new location!

    • We took our other horde characters to the Borean Tundra late last night and I definitely prefer Howling Fjord as a Horde destination. Really didn’t like the quarry stuff at all, although that might be because I had to rescue about 30 mages before I got five peons.

  2. So far Borean Tundra is definitely not enjoyable. I don’t know why – it just doesn’t make me want to play at all. I will try Howling Fjord I think in the next few days. Nothing else to do in WoW at the moment anyway *lol*

    • Yep, it’s definitely alt time. I’m spending my WoW time divided between trying to finish up certain achievements on my mains and levelling all the various alts I may wish to play during Cataclysm.

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