Screenshot Saturday – Somewhat Creepy

There is just something not quite right about this statue. Not sure if it’s the golden grin or the fact that it’s lying at the bottom of a lake in Sholazar Basin surrounded by bottles of a probably alcoholic nature. Maybe it’s a combination of those things.

The Forsaken get all the best artists it seems. I’d swap the picture of the dead whale for this in a heartbeat. Based on Grant Wood’s painting entitled “American Gothic“, parodies like this one have appeared everywhere including “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” . Although I have to admit, in this case the original painting is perhaps more creepy than this Forsaken version.


6 Responses

  1. I love that painting! Those pics are neat hehe. Never noticed them. very creepy but in a good way hehe.

    • I have mixed feelings about “Jaws” the Goblin, but I love the Forsaken Gothic. The huge cobweb is a added nice touch.

  2. You can find that Goblin statue in STV near Booty Bay too, I noticed it in the background of my “Seithir’s a Loremaster” screenshot and it’s very.. Jesuslike, very weird.

    • It’s an evil looking statue at the best of times, but this one’s mouth full of gold freaked me out a bit. Will have to take a closer look at the one in STV to see if it also has gold teeth.

  3. In Booty Bay it makes sense but in Sholazar basin … what were they doing praising goblins there?

    • Maybe a Goblin cult tried to convert the Big Tongues and the Puppy people into giving them all their shinies. Obviously it didn’t go well otherwise there would be actual Goblins in the Basin and the statue wouldn’t be at the bottom of a lake.

      Perhaps more likely though Hemit stole it from somewhere inbetween shooting defenceless animals and when his ship sunk, the statue ended up in the lake. I’ve always seen Hemit as a sort of slightly crazy Victorian explorer taking everything bar the kitchen sink on expeditions and “borrowing” artefacts would fit in just fine with that.

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