Let it snow!

Over the years, I’ve had several unsuccessful attempts at making a Mage. A couple of Gnomes, definitely a Bloodelf, a female Troll, a male Troll (for the dance) and a Human all fell by the wayside. My best effort was a Gnome who made it to blink before being abandoned somewhere in Redridge Mountains. Something just wasn’t jelling right between me and the Mage class, maybe because I started out as a Warlock, who knows.

Last week, however, I decided to try again. This is Clova (named after Glen Clova) and my highest ever level Mage.

If Blizzard insist on making me look like a Warlock, I might as well go the whole "felhunter".

She’s frost and loving it. Mr Harpy is also levelling a Mage and between us grinding has never been so fast. Need 14 mobs for a quest, pull all 14, nova and blizzard them down. At the moment it’s great fun even though it feels a little cheaty.

I think having pvped against Mages on various other classes, especially Warriors, I always had this impression of them as an annoying time-wasting (iceblocking is merely prolonging the inevitable) cowardly class who spent more time running away than actually doing anything useful. Back in Vanilla, someone made a video of themselves chasing a Mage around WSG with a Benny Hill soundtrack and the image stuck fast in my mind. Of course now the boots (with run speed of course) are on the other foot and it’s hilarious and awesome and ever so slightly evil. Oh look there is a little Orc warrior and he’s stuck in a nova. What a shame. Yes, I’m going to iceblock and quite possibly I’m going to reset my cooldowns and do it again, because I can and I know it annoys people. Supporting the flag carrier by polying people off their mounts is brilliant when you are the one with the polymorph spell. As is bouncing into the enemy flag room and AoEing. In short, I can’t believe I’ve played WoW without properly playing a Mage before.


2 Responses

  1. I played a Mage a lot for a time in TBC. Not in raids or anything, but purely PvP. They can be a lot of fun. I think it helps being two and having heirlooms, cause normally they are just hell to level until you get a bit higher.

    Enjoy your frosty shakes 😉

    • Having decent gear definitely helps I think. I have a vague memories of trying to level my first ever mage wearing grey and green rubbish around lv 5 and it sucked horribly. Was having to drink after every second mob, whereas now, drinking was unnecessary until much higher levels.

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