Strength and Honour

These Orcs have a new trick and it isn’t very honourable at all.

Basically you can “exploit” the gates of Stormwind in a rather annoying fashion if you have a specific item. These two Champions of the Horde spent the night popping out to one shot low levels and harass any duellers who might be PvP enabled. If they were doing it in the normal method, i.e. not underground or through walls fair enough. We have a PvP solution to that, but what are you meant to do against exploiters who keep pinging world defence and generally being a pest but vanish through a solid wall when you try and fight back?

We reported them to a GM but got the usual “wait time is unavailable” response. In the meantime they were still killing passer-bys and those undergeared but brave types who were looking to respond to the “Stormwind is under attack” message being spammed at us.

Are you meant to ignore them or take the law into your own hands and “exploit” too because they are griefing others? It is rather frustrating to be forced between ignoring the opposing faction on your doorstep (especially on a PvP server) or having to bend the rules to get to them.

I’m hoping (eternal optimist that’s me), that Cataclysm and flying mounts in Azeroth will finally fix all these little glitches that litter the landscape. Obviously it could just make the issue worse, with people slow falling into little hidey holes right, left and centre but in a multi player game which involves competitive play, issues like this need fixing straight away.


3 Responses

  1. Oh, I hate stuff like that.

    I’m not a big fan of world PvP to begin with, but I can deal with it if there’s at least some semblence of a fair fight. In this case I’d say it was far from it. No chance for anyone to even get to them.. so annoying. That’s when you wish the GM wait time wasn’t so stupidly long.

    • We finally got a GM, about three and a half hours later, by which time of course the Horde had left…

      • Yes, by that time it’s pretty pointless. I wish there was a quick-line for urgent issues. Kind of like when you can get a quick-pass at an amusement park.. but of course then people would probably abuse it for stuff that is not urgent – so it wouldn’t work anyway.

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