Spot the Difference

My Mage hit 58 tonight and I finally realised what was bugging me about her.

Here she is outside the Dark Portal

and here she is again, questing in Duskwood at around lv 28.

That’s a difference of 30 levels and yet she looks exactly the same. Yes, her health and mana have increased and she hits considerably harder these days, but she’s been wearing the exact same clothes since day 1. That dress has crossed deep blue seas, it’s been covered in salt, guts, mud and blood, she’s slept in it and climbed mountains in it. By rights it should be a shrunken, smelly rag by now.

I know before heirlooms I always used to moan when I hit Outlands, 10 levels of looking like you got dressed in the dark doesn’t do much for a girl’s self esteem but I hate the fact that I (a) look like pretty much every other caster out there and (b) look just the same as I did when I crash landed on this planet in the first place. Yes, I realise that wearing them is a choice but as much as I like questing, when you’ve levelled multiple characters over the years, I still like the experience boost. Doing dungeons with a group of casters and watching as everyone passes on the blue weapons, chests and shoulders because they all have heirlooms is a bit sad too. Heirlooms have invalidated so much of the existing loot tables. Then there is something a bit creepy about seeing all these people wearing the same thing, it looks as if somewhere there must be a factory turning out identical and no doubt evil Draenei, Humans and Gnomes.

Unfortunately though it seems as if heirlooms are here to stay, with the addition of even more slots come Cataclysm. I don’t know, maybe I’m a special snowflake in the sense that I actually like getting new gear as I progress. It’s part of the levelling story along with new talents and spells. Picking up dungeon blues, quest rewards, looking at what craftables and checking the Auction House, that’s always been one of my favourite parts of the journey, but now there isn’t much point. You make a character, run it to a mail box and collect clothes which will do just fine for the next 80 levels.

6 Responses

  1. I equally hate and love heirlooms. I love being able to collect new gear and look different while I level, which on my Rogue was brilliant. My Rogue used the shoulders from the lucky loot bags you get from the end of pug instances, and looked different to everybody else, but once I hit Outlands I really felt the pain of not using heirlooms and I don’t think I could go through 60-80 without them again.. 1-60 though isn’t so bad!

  2. I recently went from 1-60 without heirlooms because I was leveling with my brother (who had a new account and hence no heirlooms) – but while that was fine I have to admit I quite liked putting them on once I hit Outland (since we then started playing separately due to schedules no longer matching).

    Getting new pieces of gear has always been something I enjoyed with new characters. It does feel a bit sad using the same gear until 80. Now instead all the gearing is at 80 rather than anything before.

    But at the same time, I don’t see myself leveling without the heirlooms, 70-80 is just too slow and the 20% isn’t that much but anything helps!

    • My Horde characters don’t have them and Northrend is fine so far. They do however have a lot of rested experience which is balancing it out. The fact that I haven’t done the quests before is also making it less painful.

      If only Outlands wasn’t so horrible.

  3. To be hones I miss the old leveling. It takes more time but you get time to explore the zones and learn about the NPCs, quests etc. Now we just rush through it all, quests, grinding and instances.
    Leveled my priest from 70-80 some weeks ago. I started quests in Howling Fjord, did instances and quests only, level 74 by then. Moved to Grizzly Hills and did quests and instances like earlier, level 76. Sholazar Basin to 80. Didn’t touch any other zone :/

    • I agree. I really like the Plaguelands yet I rarely ever need to quest there anymore. My Mage is 66 at the moment and I haven’t finished a single Outlands zone. As for Northrend, the only character I’ve done Stormpeaks/Icecrown on is my main. The rest like you tend to hit 80 in Sholazar.

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