Out of all the Paladin tanks that my little Mage has seen through the Looking for Group tool, 98 percent have been allergic to Righteous Fury. They don’t buff it at the start and when it’s absence is pointed out and they put it on, they don’t rebuff it when it falls off. Of course, when they lose aggro, it’s not their fault even if it’s the healer who overtook them in threat.  To say I find it frustrating is an understatement and what was perhaps more understandable in the lower levels by lv 64 has just become a huge annoyance.

Then there are the tanks who show up with resurrection sickness (seen a few of these), the ones who can’t hold aggro on one mob but still insist on hitting the sheep at least once and those that stand with their backs to half the mobs all the time and then blame the healer for their squishiness. Oh and people who use taunt every time it’s off cooldown like clockwork, even though the mob they taunt is looking firmly at them. In fact the favoured pulling technique of several tanks I’ve encountered has gone something like this. Run at mobs, white hit them a few times and then use taunt, so the only threat they have is the damage from the white hits.

30 yd range

Instant 8 sec cooldown
Requires Defensive Stance
Taunts the target to attack you, but has no effect if the target is already attacking you.

Of course when someone gets aggro 3 seconds later, it takes them a while to respond. In all the instances we have done, the tanks (I use the term loosely) have caused more issues than everyone else combined. They have also been more obnoxious than anyone one else.

Am I alone in not feeling comfortable pointing out the mistakes of strangers? I know if I were tanking on a paladin and not using righteous fury,  I would want to someone to say something but experience has taught me that most people either explode into abuse or leave group, when someone says something negative about their play style. Therein lies the issue, especially when you have such high queue times as two dpsers. Do you say nothing and just tone down your dps appropriately? Do you just dps full out and hope that through the use of novas and high dps you can just kill stuff regardless of a bad tank? Or do you risk Mr Bad Tank having a hissy fit half way through the instance and leaving?

If nothing else, I’ve ended up with a massive admiration for people who manage to level mainly through the Looking for Group tool. Every second instance I’ve done, I’ve left feeling distinctly grumpy.


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  1. I haven’t had much experience with LFD at lower levels. I mainly use it for my 80s – and while the tanks can be bad, they’re usually not THAT bad. (Mainly they have issues being polite)

    My experience with lower level LFD is limited to my 60s Shaman who only did a few yet – and so far has been very lucky in getting good groups/tanks. And my 29 Druid which I play as a tank myself together with 2 guildies who are healer and dps. (Making up the majority of the group sure helps!)

    About giving people hints on how to play I’m very vary too. I don’t want to insult/offend them and you never know how they’ll take it. When it comes to righteous fury though I have an easy way out of it – my UI is a bit messed up and don’t show all buffs on my target – so I usually use that excuse. I ask if they have righteous fury on, cause my UI doesn’t show me. If nothing else it might make them look at their buffs and realise it themselves.

    • Apart from one or two noticeable exceptions, all our tanks have been somewhere between bad and appalling on the tanking scale. The ones between 15 and 35 were probably the worst, more prone to res sickness, two handed tanking, turning their backs on the mobs and in the case of warriors not using defensive stance. It’s really made me appreciate the good tanks I encounter.

      • Oh wow, those are pretty bad. Suddenly I’m glad that the tank in my low level instances is me *lol* I don’t think I could handle it seeing people not using defensive stance or 2h tanking etc. *shudder* It hurts my tanking pride knowing people can be that bad!

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