The Many Flavours of Polymorph

Besides Blink my main reason for rolling a Mage in the first place was a certain spell called Polymorph. In fact my addiction is so bad, I’m secretly hoping that Blizzard keep their promise about the Cataclysm dungeons needing CC and lots of it.

Anyway, polymorph comes in multiple flavours.

  • The common or garden variety sheep. All Mages learn this at lv 8.
  • Penguin. Personally I find this one too cute, it would be like frostbolting Mr Chilly in the face. It’s learnt from a minor glyph and can usually be found on the Auction House. As soon as you get your first minor glyph at level 15, you can use this.
  • Black Cat. The book which teaches this requires level 60 and can be bought from Endora Moorehead, one of the owners of the “Sisters Sorcerous”. It’s on a limited spawn timer and costs 2375g (since all Mages start out as friendly with the Kirin Tor the friendly discount is already deducted. If you are not a Mage and neutral with the Kirin Tor, it costs 2500g and its 2000g if you are exalted). Whilst I liked the idea of turning people into cats, I feel the model cat is a bit too small and can easily be overlooked in both PvP and PvE. That said, if my Mage was a Bloodelf, I think this would be my polymorph of choice.
  • Turtle. This can be obtained in one of two ways. Either you can farm it yourself from Zul’Gurub or you can keep checking the Auction House to see if it shows up there. If you go for the former, you will need someone who can fish up Gahz’ranka and then it’s just a case of hoping it drops. Requires level 60.
  • Rabbit. This book is only obtainable during Noblegarden. During the Festival it can be bought from a Noblegarden Vendor for 100 Noblegarden Chocolates. This also requires level 60 and unlike the other polymorphs learnt from a book, this one is bind on pickup.
  • Pig. Again this requires level 60 but unlike the others this is taught by a quest rather than a book.

As soon as my mage hit 60, I went running off to Azshara to learn that exceedingly important spell, polymorph pig. Whilst I’m pretty sure that Blizzard won’t be removing this crucial spell, we know Azshara will be changing and it’s likely that polymorph pig will just be something you learn from your trainer. Therefore I really wanted to experience the quest before it vanishes (it doesn’t count for Loremaster however).

The brief chain starts at Archmage Xylem who can be found up his tower in the Azsharian mountains and you need to be level 60 to pick it up. As far as I can tell, there are no breadcrumb quests from the Mage Trainers sending you there.

Quest Number 1 sends you off to kill Warlord Krellian, a Naga who resides in the large temple down at Zin-Malor. The second quest is where the fun begins. You have to polymorph the Spitelash Naga and then when they turn into lots of little sheep, you have to kill them. The best way of doing this is to wait for the the Naga to despawn and then hit arcane explosion right where their body was. Your screen should then fill up with exploding sheep.

If you are already in the habit of using turtle, cat or rabbit, you need to swap back to the basic sheep version for the quest. If your sheep is glyphed, that’s fine though.

Pig is currently my polymorph of choice, possibly because it came from a quest. When you cast it, there are three possible pigs you could end up with.

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

Exhibit C

Yes, the difference between A and B is very slight, but they are different, honest. In between wandering around, they chew on grass and generally look adorable.

Ideally however, I want all the different versions of the spell. That way, if Cataclysm does require CC and there are multiple Mages in the same group/raid, we can all use different ones and have a visual way of identifying which mob belongs to which Mage. I hope Cataclysm brings new Polymorphs, I’d like to see a bird perhaps (the hyacinth macaw model would be fabulous) or maybe a little deer. Although reading from the “Polymorphic Rules and Regulations“, it sounds as if some animals are just unsuitable choices.

Rule# 1: Do not turn a creature of lesser intelligence into a creature of higher intelligence – Cerebral brain function rarely translates in a polymorph… But sometimes it does. Voracious creatures such as serpents and wolves need not have their predatory instincts honed with a human mind. We feel obligated to quote Small Claims Disaster Case 12651-B, Labelled, “Bartholemew: The Bear who Bears Arms.”

Having said that,  on rereading the first line of  this, it sounds like Mages break the rules every time they cast polymorph in PvP.

21 Responses

  1. Oh I love the polymorph options. And I don’t even play a mage! I have one, but she’s sitting pretty contently at level 72 and I never seem to get around to playing her. She had a brief spurt in TBC when I did PvP on her and got her a full Merciless set. Since then she seems.. forgotten.

    I was going to make a human mage and it was around Easter so I even collected enough eggs to buy her the rabbit polymorph, only to end up deleting her *sniff* I wish the tome had been BoA, but it’s my own fault really for not farming it on the higher level one.

    I will have to check if I learned the Pig one, else I will follow your instructions and go get the quest done. The pig looks adorable 🙂

    • I did a very similar thing last year, although mine was a gnome and I only farmed about half the chocolates.

  2. Ohh I never thought of that quest being removed! I have Turtle and Rabbit waiting for me, still need to grab Black Cat, but eep *rushes to 60 to grab Polymorph Piggy*

    • I’m about to begin my Turtle farm, hopefully it will drop faster than the Bloodlord drops his raptor.

  3. I don’t have a mage, and don’t think I’ve seen the black cat.. But I like the pig and penguin 😀
    There is no polymorph spider? But the mobs in ICC has it.

  4. Man, I’ve never seen half of these! The pigs are so darling I’d never be able to Smite them.

  5. […] Harpysnest has a gem of a post up about sheep, pigs and penguins. No, she’s not talking about a trip to the zoo – she’s looking at the various animals mages can polymorph their victims in to. […]

  6. Because it seems appropriate! 🙂

    (Artist is Zarazhas of Llane!)

  7. I could see the Pig being removed if only because there’s nothing at all telling you to go up there and learn it. I could see it being a sort of feat of strength for mages where if you didn’t grab it pre-cataclysm then you can’t get it at all.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if they did leave it in though and actually promote it a bit so that people actually go to the zone and quest there. I know we’ll see people there anyway with the Goblins showing up, but I wouldn’t mind a little extra love sent up to the otherwise forgotten and ignored zone.

    • I hope so. I was just worried that with the Goblins redecorating Azshara, the Archmage and his tower might fall off the map.

  8. “Having said that, on rereading the first line of this, it sounds like Mages break the rules every time they cast polymorph in PvP.”

    Ouch! 😛 But how true…

    This post is making me want polymorph pig on my mage…and she’s too little yet. Polymorph cat, likewise – though as a rather theatrically inclined blood elf, she might feel cats were a bit mundane.

    Still, it’s hard to go past the sheep, for all that.

    • I do think Blizzard should make some polymorph options available before lv 60. At the moment it’s either stick with the sheep or use a glyph slot for the penguin. Adding something at lv 30 would be a nice touch for baby mages.

  9. Such a great post! I love the various polymorphs, too, and my biggest hesitation in deleting a baby mage was that she had already gotten the Noble Garden book…I was so looking forward to that!

    On the downside, I was deeply disappointed by the penguin glyph – I somehow didn’t realize that it *replaced* my sheep. I want to be able to randomly polymorph into different critters

    • In an ideal world, we would get Nefarian’s Mage call as a polymorph spell. Turning people randomly into giraffes and cows would be amazing.

      However since Blizzard are mean, a macro which picks a polymorph at random from the various ones you have available will work.

      /castrandom Polymorph(Rank 4), Polymorph(Pig), Polymorph(Turtle)

  10. Fun fact: The turtle has a few different shadings as well. There is a green, a darker green, and a blue I can think of off the top of my head.

    And you can mix up which poly you cast with a “/castrandom polymorph (Rank 4), Polymorph(Turtle), Polymorph(Black Cat), Polymorph(Pig), Polymorph (Rabbit)” macro

  11. Check out This guide to farming the Poly: Tutle Tome.

  12. […] back in 2010 I wrote this post about polymorph and for the purposes of Mage Week, I’d thought I’d revisit it to see […]

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