Sunday Screenshots – Into the Mist

This is my favourite part of the Borean Tundra. I love the eye of the storm effect and because you rarely if ever find any other players doing these quests, it’s always peaceful.

A Naga Temple with a statue to Queen Azshara inside.

A closer view of the statue because I love the Medusalike look of her.


6 Responses

  1. Absolutely beautiful screenshots! I like that part of Borean Tundra too.

  2. I loved that part of the Borean Tundra too – and these are gorgeous screenshots.

    • Thanks. It’s one of the few bits of the Borean Tundra that I can stand questing in. I wish Blizzard had done more with those misty areas.

  3. Those screenshots are amazing! So beautiful 🙂

    Although – unlike your other commenters, I do not care for any part of Borean Tundra. I actually have two toons that are “dying” because I thought I’d give the zone another go.

    Perhaps the alliance quests in the zone are better than the horde ones? I’m still debating which zone my alliance paladin should do once I reach Northrend!

    • Thankyou.

      The Alliance quests are definitely better than the Horde ones because we don’t have that horrible quarry bit to do first. That said, I much prefer Howling Fjord for both factions. What I do now when I hit 68 is go Borean Tundra and do the base quests, the misty stuff and the Farshire ones for the blue neck and then I head for Howling Fjord and don’t look back.

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