The Tale of Lyloid

Earlier this week, or possibly last week, Apple wrote about characters with gimmicks or quirks. So go and read her post if you haven’t already. Lyloid (who is Mr Harpy’s alter ego) has been around for a while and I’d been wondering about how best to blog about the little creature. Thank you Apple for helping to clear my head on the subject.

Every Gnome needs a cause. For some it’s the dream of taking back Gnomeregan, for others its the the thought of finally inventing something which doesn’t backfire. For Lyloid, it’s the thought of wiping Hemet Nesingwary and his cronies from the face of Azeroth.

It all began, as these things often do with a broken heart. Left alone whilst her best and only friend went off to fight the Scourge, Lyloid with pure Gnomish logic figured out that she too could venture to Northrend and be a hero. The boat from Stormwind deposited her on the cold wastes of the Borean Tundra and so Lyloid immediately set about exploring. Letters from home had told her that her friend was taking a brief spot of R & R in Sholezar Basin but without a map, travel proved tricky.

The first safe harbour she found was the D.E.H.T.A camp and it didn’t take many pamphlets to sway young Lyloid completely. Not only had she safely found Northrend but a few hours in, she already had a mission. She was going to hunt down the Butcher and all his followers. What better place to start than the deer hunters of the Borean Tundra.

Whilst I’m sure plenty of people get their first honourable kill in Northrend these days, I can’t help wondering just how many manage it at level 18 and I’d put money on the fact that very few level 18s score their first kill against lv 72s. (I actually felt rather sorry for the Shaman in question, but Lyloid was running straight at them and one shock would kill her…. so I didn’t have much choice).

Having spent a few successful hours culling Nesingwary’s lackeys and collecting their ears, Lyloid decided to hit Hemet closer to home… his son in Stranglethorn would be the perfect victim.

Lying in Wait

Gnomes are patient creatures, like crocolisks they can lurk submerged for hours just waiting for the perfect moment. Eventually some Undead Priests turned up, ready to slaughter wildlife for gold and secondhand clothing. No doubt they really weren’t expecting a lv 20 green haired gnome to throw itself at them. The element of surprise left Lyloid victorious once again.

Whilst so far the campaign has been successful, Lyloid realises that there is still a lot of wildlife to protect. Her next target is protecting Stanley from the Forsaken and then October might see her in Dragonblight preventing pup stealing by those evil Tuskarrs.

Knowing the enemy

However, wherever Lyloid ends up, her one true goal is eliminating Hemet. So next time you’re doing one his quests, be careful that a tiny ball of greenhaired gnome doesn’t throw itself at you.

(This is the reason I can’t leave him alone to play WoW without me).


4 Responses

  1. *ded of giggles*

    The screenshot of those little green buns peeking out of the water just about KILLED ME. Oh man, good times. Good times.

    But I’m glad my post could work as a nice jumping off place for you! 😀 That’s one of the best compliments a blogger can get, imo.

    • If “Jaws” was made in Azeroth, the monster wouldn’t be a shark, it would be a green haired gnome.

      Thankyou again for the inspiration.

  2. I have to agree, the gnome lurking under water is awesome. Great story over all as well, Nesingwary sure is rather bloodthirsty when it comes to animals.

    Must have been awesome seeing a level 18 running around in Northrend too. Was aggroing mobs a big problem?

    • Yes, low level gnomes seem to be aggro magnets. I had to keep moonfiring stuff and starfall came in handy.

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