Crocolisk Dreams

The one thing I really want from Cataclysm is a crocolisk mount.

Just like this one. No silly armour or saddles, just a plain, scaly crocolisk. Uldum would be the perfect place to introduce them, all that sand and Egyptian theme. Obviously I’ll settle for a camel but my heart’s really set on a crocolisk.

6 Responses

  1. I love that quest! Croc mounts would be cool. I am SOOO looking forward to the Camel mounts!

  2. Na crocolisks mounts are too likely to snack on their owner.

    • What if we adapted the carrot on a stick to feature a goblin or possibly a murloc?

      That might provide enough of a distraction to get from A to B without becoming croc snackfood.

  3. I read that horde are getting a thunder lizard mount. I mean, honestly.. how cool doesn´t that sound?

    Crocolisks could be cool, you should be crouched on their back on your hands and knees holding on for dear life!

    • Would have thought a thunder lizard would be painful to sit on. Would hope it does a lightning breath every so often, or possibly if you press space a bit like the cat yawn.

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