Wintergrasp Blues

I’m really beginning to loathe Wintergrasp, not because it has vehicles in it, or because it’s on a timer but because of the imbalance.

My server is high population but the Horde definitely outnumber the Alliance, possibly by as many as three to one. Of the Alliance, although there are still plenty of us, most people just aren’t interested in Wintergrasp by this point in the game. At the start when people actually wanted stuff of the various bosses, the win/loss ratio was roughly 50/50 but over time, we seem to win maybe once a day if we’re lucky.

Which means that games even at peak times tend to be in the region of 60 Alliance versus 120 Horde. Tenacity does absolutely nothing when 10 people are beating up on you and the extra damage portion just doesn’t pack a hard enough punch, although 23k starfires are nice when they land on undergeared trolls with offensively named pets.

So there we are, bravely battling on in an attempt to get my Mage her shoulders, when completely ignoring the numbers, people start whining about how the Alliance suck and it’s so easy for the Horde. Of course it’s easy when you completely outnumber the opposition. Arathi Basin is easy when there is 6 of them and 15 of you.

Implementing a one to one ratio surely wouldn’t be too hard and might even make them more money as people transfer faction to ensure they get games. Tenacity as it stacks should shorten cc duration, possibly even making you immune to cc completely if it reaches really high numbers. For the purpose of taking workshops and the like, people with tenacity should count as more than one person (some sort of scaling perhaps dependent on how many of each side are in-game), otherwise you just can’t take nodes if the numbers are heavily skewed. Vehicle health needs to scale better as well, because otherwise you just can’t keep them alive long enough to knock anything down.

However, ignoring that, I have to admit being worried about Cataclysm and Tol Barad. We need a number balancing system or a form of tenacity which works, otherwise it’s going to be impossible for us to compete and I don’t think I can take another few years of Horde making Alliance characters so they can crow about how much we all suck because they win when they have double the numbers.


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  1. We will see if they actually follow through, but they have already indicated that they will change the balancing mechanics in WG, to reflect Tol Barad, before the end of WotLK. Basically each side can start with 25 players, regardless of the other side, but beyond that its a 1:1 ratio. I personally, coming from a highly imbalanced server can’t wait to see the buckets and buckets of QQ from the opposing faction when they can’t get into WG or TB anymore.

    • I must admit the thought of our Horde who are quite literally a “horde” crying about their queues makes me positively gleeful.

  2. What Sarlalian said 😉

    I heard something about that 1:1 ratio too for Wintergrasp coming up, and I’m assuming it will be the same for Tol Barad, or at least I hope so. It will make it more difficult to get into, but I think it will be worth it.

    • Hope so. Being stomped into the ground whilst heavily outnumbered is annoying enough, but then to have them flooding trade chat/forums with how skilful they are… is a bitter pill to swallow.

  3. 180 horde? I thought it was only 2-3 raid with 40 people in each, but maybe I just suck at math 😛
    I hate how the Tenacity is now. I play horde and there are more horde than alliance on my server. I think you can get max 20 Tenacity, and then one shot people and have over 100k HP, not fair, and doesn’t work the way it should.
    I think they should have a system so it will always be fair numbers like 80vs80 or 40vs40, depens on how many sign ups on each side.

    • It’s a max of three raid groups, so 120 per faction max. Whilst my maths is pretty bad, I can’t see 180 anywhere, but if it is there, it should be 120.

      It definitely needs a balancing system and Blizzard have been promising one for a while now. Just have to hope that Cataclysm makes both Tol Barad and Wintergrasp a bit fairer for both sides.

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