Screenshot Saturday – Glitches

Can you guess the location of the bottom two pictures?


4 Responses

  1. Before I got my new video card I had that happen a lot in Everquest. I was having some overheating issues. I think I have somewhere, a post, where characters were naked and had black faces haha. It was so funny.

    Hrmm Kara?

  2. Karazhan? The man in the 2nd pic is the guy near the entrance and stairs, and all that web.. has to be an old house.
    3rd is behind/under Karazhan when you jump down that hole to the smiley and you can get behind the portal and door like that.

  3. Someone already said it, but I think Karazhan too.

    Having the entire body black is always a hmm.. special.. feeling. I once had one where my entire character was re-coloured. She had warpaint in her face and everything.

  4. Yep, they are both Karazhan although the bottom one is actually the front door taken from the inside.

    I went through a phase of having horrible graphical glitches at the start of TBC and for some reason, my computer really hated Karazhan and Silvermoon City.

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