Screenshot Saturday – Crystalsong Forest

It might be a bit of a filler zone, but in terms of sheer beauty, Crystalsong is hard to match. The trees look like ice crystals twisting across glass on a frosty morning and I love how the dryad looks as if she too is made of crystal and would shatter if you hit her.


8 Responses

  1. Beautiful ‘photography’! I should get down on the ground more, rather than flying over Crystalsong Forest all the time.

    I understand why they never used it much for quests, but it’s still a shame such a spectacular zone is so underused.

    • Because Dalaran is a such a lagfest on my server, I’ve always tended to ignore Crystalsong too. Then on my last alt, I decided to finish up the Icecrown quests as well as start the Tournament dailies, so I’ve been spending a lot of time there. It’s so much more tranquil than Dalaran.

  2. It’s a beautiful zone, it’s really a shame they moved the Tournament quests all the way up to Icecrown instead. Would have been awesome to have at least a few more quests there.. now I pretty much just fly over it and never stop to look.

    • I wish they would add a few quests from the flight point bases, just a little something to encourage people to come and look at the forest.

  3. Beautiful shots 🙂 flying down to the forest reminds me what amazing artists blizz has chained up there – I’m really looking forward to exploring after cataclysm!

    • Me too. I love exploring and taking screenshots. I spend far too much time with my UI hidden looking at bits of scenery. Of course, the second I hide my UI and start wobbling about trying to grab the perfect shot, some charming rogue appears and starts trying to kill me… but you’ve got to suffer for your art, right?

  4. Love the colors! And really beautiful screenshots!

    • Thank you. I can’t decide which side of the forest I like the most. The blues and purples of the crystal part or the cherry blossom side.

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