For Gnomeregan!

Although keeping a semi brainwashed army of gnomes for yourself is tempting. Also, why can’t we have an icecream pink, blue and yellow mechanostrider?

To join the fight, report to High Tinker  Mekkatorque  in Tinkertown, Ironforge. In your mailbox you should have received a letter from him asking you to come and fight the good fight which is well worth reading.

The first thing you have to do is bolster the Gnome forces by persuading the inhabitants of TinkerTown to fight for their old home. (I have to admit, I felt marginally guilty riding off to war like the Pied Piper with a bunch of “motivated” gnomes all asking questions like “Will it hurt? trailing behind me”.)

Once you have motivated your five recruits, take them down to Steelgrill’s Depot and hand them in to Captain Tread Sparknozzle. If your server is anything like mine, he’s the guy stood under all the mammoths and bits of machinery.

Next you have to learn how to follow a few basic orders and so the Captain tells to you follow Drill Sergeant Steamcrank’s instructions. You just have to target the Drill Instructor and emote when he tells you to.

Then you get to test some machinery… yay for spider tanks. For “In and Out”, you learn how the Ejector seat works and unlike most Gnomish technology it never seems to backfire. To complete “One Step Forward”, you have to try out the leg servos and the evasive manoeuvres and  for “Press Fire”, you shoot the target dummies. Much to everyone’s surprise, nothing blows up.

Next up, you get to go on a short flight over to Gnomeregan where you have to help monitor radiation levels in the city by throwing a gizmo down the radiation shafts. As you get close the shafts are marked with big green arrows and even if you’re slightly off target, it counts.

Now it’s time to test out the High Tinker’s speech. You’re tasked with playing the speech back to three different gnomes and gauging their response to it.

  • Gnome number 1 is Milli Featherwhistle, Mechanostrider Merchant who is found at Steelgrill’s depot next to all the mechanostriders.
  • Gnome number 2 is Tog Rustsprocket, he’s located in Kharanos next to the Warlock Trainers, (next to the Inn but slightly back from the road).
  • Gnome number 3 is Ozzie Togglevolt. He can be found in the little gnomish house on the outskirts of Kharanos.

Once you’ve done this, you return to Captain Tread Sparknozzle and get your first reward of the day. Gnomeregan Pride, which transforms you into Gnomeregan Infantry for thirty minutes on a four hour cooldown. Of course Shapeshifting breaks the disguise but it’s still awesome and cute. If your level 74 or below, unfortunately your part in Operation Gnomeregan ends here.

If you’re level 75 or higher, you can continue onwards to try and retake the city. The Captain gives you a quest to take a flight to the High Tinker and return his speech to him. Now you take the same plane you used for Vent Horizons and just like the final quest in the Death Knight start chain, if the Battle is in progress, the High Tinker won’t be there and you’ll have to wait.

Once he reappears, hand in your quest (shift V or whatever your keybind for friendly targets will come in useful here to target him through all the mounts), pick up to the one to retake Gnomeregan and follow his lead.

Good Hunting.

At lv 80, for completing the entire chain you get close to a 100g and a Gnomeregan cloak as well as an achievement.


7 Responses

  1. It sounds cool. I can’t wait to give it a try, but I’m still at work so have to wait until tonight *sigh*

    Since I’m a self-proclaimed gnome hater.. once I help them take their city back.. can I burn it to the ground? You know.. just because.

  2. Sounds like fun, too bad I let my sub go last week 😦

    • It is fun but I’m guessing it’s going to be around for a while. Or at least I hope it is, I need to level my shaman to 75 so I can complete the last quest.

  3. @Saga
    Unless Gnomes are like cockroaches… in which case they probably multiplied in the blast.

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