So, we’ll go a-raiding, late into the night

First of all, sorry Lord Byron for the borrowing and paraphrasing of your work and secondly, I’m a turncoat. No longer is Erinys a Priestess of Elune, instead I’ve betrayed everything she stood for.

The core of my old guild, the one which disbanded the day after getting a Tribute to Insanity decided that we should reform for the expansion. However there was one small snag, the majority wanted to go Horde.

On the plus side, it means I might actually get to kill Arthas before the end of the world as we know it and when Cataclysm hits I will be raiding seriously again (which I knew I wanted). I transferred last night and whilst the transition phase is taking a bit of getting used to, it was definitely the right decision. Although the meanies made me do this within hours of my arrival on the darkside, for the Horde!

I never realised just how annoying Magni Bronzebeard was to kill, especially when there are six of you and about four Alliance plus guards trying to stop you. In the end we had to kite him into a house and tank him on the second floor, that way we lost the guard spawn and we could leave the tank alone upstairs and go kill the attackers without having to worry about the boss.

We also did some semi premade battlegrounds which got me all excited about the rated system. Playing as a team is so much more satisfying and having multiple dps trying to rescue from pesky rogues and deathknights is just awesome. In a sense, ignoring the faction transfer, it feels like coming home.


4 Responses

  1. Welcome to the dark side! It is totally true: We have cookies 🙂

    I’m glad to see that you are going to be raiding again! Good Luck!

  2. GASP! You traitor!

    To be honest, I miss being horde.. even if the last time I was one as my main was in Vanilla.. it’s just a different game as horde.. and I love it..

    Enjoy the raiding though 🙂

    • Ty and yes, I think I actually prefer a lot of the Horde quest chains etc. Just need to now to remember which faction I am and stop running towards the Alliance side of Dalaran.

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