Happy Pirate’s Day!

Even the most grizzled and bad tempered of pirates would have been impressed with the carnage taking place in Booty Bay on my server.  There was drinking, plundering and plenty of fighting, in the Inn, on the roof tops, in the water and along the dock. Anywhere in fact that two or more people of opposing factions could fit. I rather like the costumes too, as shown below on mine and Mr Harpy’s warlocks.

I know there isn’t much to Pirate’s Day, but it’s pvp opportunities and costumes definitely make it worth doing in my book. Fifty pirates chasing each other around Booty Bay adds quite a surreal feel to the place. The fact that the UI was showing everyone wearing a pirate hat regardless of whether or not they are in disguise is a nice touch too.


4 Responses

  1. I love these small events, but wish it lasted longer, not only one day and there was more to do.

    • A week or so with more to do would be amazing. I’d love a quest line which rewards a giant parrot vanity pet or something similarly piratey.

  2. Yarrrrr, avast ye scurvy seadog… & etc. etc.

  3. I love getting to be a pirate! I agree that it could easily be extended to involve a bit more things. A parrot pet or similar would be awesome.

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