Drunken Brewfest Ramblings

In a complete reversal of fortunes since the Midsummer Fire Festival, my keg shaped treasure chest does indeed seem to be filled with treasure. With more than a week to go, I’ve already secured a mole machine and a Brewfest Kodo (although ungrateful as it seems, I can’t help wishing it was a ram) on my priest.

Whilst I do love Brewfest, primarily due to the ram racing, a couple of things have bugged me this year. Up first is how ridiculously easy Coren Direbrew is. I feel bad signing up as a healer because I’ve yet to meet a group who needed any healing. As it stands, I shove a shield on the tank and then get down to practising for cataclysm, smite, smite, smite, smite. I had a vague recollection from previous years that he spawns some dark iron girls who throw beer at you, but haven’t seen them this year at all. I suppose deep down I just have this feeling that a “boss” who hands over the current top tier of badges should be a little harder than this.

That isn’t even our best time. My Boomkin managed to knock a second or two off that whilst “accidentally” aggroing half the bar at the same time. Starfall and small spaces really doesn’t mix well.

Then there is the mysterious case of the vanishing quests on the EU servers. Like last year, both the shooting pink elekks and capturing Wolpertingers have been removed. You buy your mini-pet from the vendor for 50 silver (the price goes down with faction discounts) and as for the pink elekks and the forty tokens it’s worth, well tough. I tracked down a blue response from last year and I must admit it’s left me surprised in two regards. Firstly that if anyone was going to have issues with the game, it would be people killing and netting small animals whilst drunk that caused the problem. Not poisoning people, not killing animals whilst sober, not kidnapping, nor torturing and not committing wholesale murder, but shooting pink elekks whilst drunk. There are plenty of other things in-game which involve getting drunk and yet they don’t seem to fall foul of any legislation, drinking for a stamina buff (rumsey rum) springs to mind, the Brew of the Month club and so on. In fact the filled festive mug is surely far more dangerous to impressionable minds as it allows you to slowfall off mountains whilst drinking but that’s obviously deemed ok.

The other issue I have is that, knowing they can’t have these particular quests in Europe, they’ve done nothing to change the quests so that they would be acceptable here, meaning that we lose out in terms of tokens again. Although I suppose that shouldn’t surprise me in the slightest.

All that said, it’s still one of my favourite holidays. Cheers!

2 Responses

  1. I miss the pink elekks 😦

    I’ve had a lot of luck with the Ram – got it on 3 alts so far, but dying to get the kodo. With my luck though I bet I’ll get it on an alt and not a main (if I get it at all). But! I can keep hoping and dreaming 🙂

    Congrats on your Kodo! I think those are awesome, maybe extra so since I’m alliance and can’t get one any other way. While the Ram is neat – I can get a bunch of Rams anyway, you know?

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