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I’m slowly getting the hang of being Horde. No longer do I instinctively head for the Alliance quarter of Dalaran when I leave the Violet Citadel and I’m coming to terms with the Battleground maps being the wrong way around. Although I keep saying Stables when I really mean the Farm and vice versa. The level of communication on the Horde side of my new Battlegroup has amazed me. Virtually every single game I’ve played, people have spoken and not just the usual “LOL WE LOSE” spam. Perhaps I’ve just got lucky so far, but it’s looking good so far. I miss the Beer Garden though and the Filthy Animal is taking a bit of getting used to. Orcs throwing knives at the wall and wolves on the floor isn’t quite what Erinys is used to.

I hate this lull period before expansions. It feels as if I’m in limbo. Because not all the guild can afford to transfer, we can’t manage to field a full 25 ourselves which means pugging whilst waiting for people to level up/find the cash. That means raiding is a bit hit and miss at the moment. On top of that, I really like time frames and lists. I hate not knowing when Cataclysm and it’s precursor patches are going come. Do we have one month, two, three, four before everything changes? This is also effecting my “writing”, although I use the term loosely. Half the things I was planning on talking about will change as soon as Cataclysm comes crashing through the door and I don’t really want to write about beta/ptr changes because they are still in flux too much. Healing changes seem to come with every little patch so pouring out venom/getting excited now seems a little premature.

That said, Holy is shaping up okay I think. We just need a few more choices in our primary tree and then it could close to perfect. Having more options in the secondary trees than we do in main tree is wrong and needs fixing though.

Pet hates, I have a new one. People who queue for dungeons through the random system and then go afk. If it’s a crisis, leave the queue please. I know leaving people hanging for 30 seconds or so is hardly a major crime but I find it really frustrating. However, if they have no legitimate excuse like small children, emergency phone calls, animals throwing up or a house fire, I’d like to borrow the Murloc Parliament’s Bee Pit. Maybe being stung by a thousand angry bees would wake them up enough so that they manage to click accept in future. Although there are probably more people than bees in said pit at the moment.


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  1. I don’t play my horde chars much these days, but when I do I definitely try to run in the wrong direction. When I first switched to alliance “back in the day” I got killed several times because I’d run and click on the horde flight master.

    I know what you mean about this lull between expansions, there’s not much to write about because it will change so soon. I was thinking of writing a post about different ways to use Vigilance, only to remember the use of it completely changes in Cataclysm *lol*

    My experience with the LFD queue is that it’s mainly DPS that seem to go afk, I can only assume it’s because their queue is so long – but then one could argue that they should instead pay extra much attention since missing it popping means starting the queue all over again!

    • It’s dps that have been annoying me too but it makes a noise and surely if they’ve been waiting ages, they shouldn’t have gone too far away.

  2. “No longer do I instinctively head for the Alliance quarter of Dalaran when I leave the Violet Citadel”

    What is so funny about this is that when I’m playing my alliance toon, I still constantly run to the horde section of Dalaran. I even changed my hearthstone to the inn right next to the alliance space – and yet will run all the way over to the horde area only to be booted out!

    • When I played Alliance, I used to giggle at the steady stream of Horde being ported out of the Alliance entrance. Now I’m furtively sneaking off in embarrassment doing the exact same thing. Glad I’m not alone.

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