I’m afflicted

Every one deals with the pre-expansion blues in different ways. For some they throw themselves into reading every morsel they can about the expansion, others stop playing all together and me, well, I’m levelling yet another alt. I always intended doing the Horde 1-60 quests again before Cataclysm hit, I just wasn’t sure when I could fit in it. So when my old guild decided to reform and more importantly go Horde, it felt as if all the pieces were falling into place.

This is Teasel (two). My third warlock and the second called Teasel. My original warlock is currently demonology, Teasel the first is destruction so it followed that this time I’d level as affliction. So far my strategy of  running around dotting everything with curse of agony and corruption is doing wonders but I hope it’s going to get a little more tricky at some point.

Whilst I’ve levelled Horde characters before, the last time was at the twilight of the previous expansion so it feels a little less on autopilot than levelling on the other side. I love the Forsaken quests which really have no equal on the Alliance. They are permanently up to no good, whether it’s poisoning people, pets or generally causing mayhem. There is an almost gleeful malice about them, especially the Apothecary Society which makes them fun to quest for.

The plan is to try and hit 80 before Cataclysm but we’re doing lots of semi premade battlegrounds at the moment to practice for the rated version, so making time is proving hard.


2 Responses

  1. Depending on which pet you use.. it’s never going to be a lot more difficult as affliction.. maybe if you use an imp.. but otherwise.. not really. Not until they make mobs hit more as they will in Cata. (Hmm I wonder if that is being applied in patch 4.x now before hand or not until actual Cata btw)

    I haven’t leveled a horde character in a long time, but I remember really enjoying it. Except for Barrens. I’m sorry, but I cannot stand the Barrens and all that running.. and every time you think you’re finally done with the Barrens there suddenly is a whole bunch of new quests *lol*

    • I love the Barrens, always have. I think it’s the sheer vastness of the place. Not sure what I’ll think of the divided cataclysm version.

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