Raptor Raising

Way way back in the spring that I started to play WoW, I decided that I wanted a Winterspring Saber on my Priest. In-between UBRS, Stratholme and Scholomance runs I spent hours in Winterspring, running around on my non-epic mount grinding bits of chimera and bear. It was horribly painful, smiting things down slowly. Then I started raiding properly and my Winterspring saber time became herb picking in Felwood time instead.

By the time Wrath rolled around, I’d just tipped myself over into friendly. Unfortunately the addition of achievements meant that everyone had the same idea and that poor furbolg village was once again full of adventurers. I think I made it to honoured before again getting distracted by something marginally less grindy.

Fast forward to now, we faction transferred to the Horde 20 days ago and I already have my Venomhide Ravasaur.

Whilst I loathe the concept of daily quests, it seems in this particular case, spending five minutes a day taking care of a stolen baby ravasaur suited me far better than the opportunity to go as fast or as slow as I wanted. I think this also highlights the huge difference between the original Winterspring chain, in game since launch and the much more recent Un’goro addition. With the Horde version you bond with your soon to be mount, he’s got personality and a rather large appetite. You take him places and he watches you slaughter breakfast for him, the little guy even thinks you’re his mother. Perhaps most importantly, you watch him grown from a tiny little creature into a mount over a period of time. Compare that to the Alliance, the main bulk of the questing you do is the slaughter of furbolgs and giants, neither of which provide food for your kitty. The first you see of your mount is when you hit exalted and the guy hands it over.

In terms of a role play experience, the ravasaur chain does it so much better. I can’t help feeling that Blizzard missed a trick when they added the Horde version without altering the Alliance version. A slight revamp would have been all the Winterspring saber quests needed. Even just the addition of a baby cat who you could summon to hand in the furbolg/giant killing quests to without having to ride back and forth would have made the reputation gather a bit more pleasurable. I realise I’m advocating the dumbing down of the game and yes, some things should be harder to gain than others, but the rewards from these quests are the mirror of each other. It doesn’t make sense that one side should have track miles barefoot through the snow whilst the other merely takes a brief vacation of sun and sand for a few days.


4 Responses

  1. I agree with you, I’ve never managed to do the Wintersaber grind since it’s just so horrbily boring. I realise it can be done in a matter of days if one is willing to spend the hours, but I’m really just not..

    For the Horde version – from what I understand – it will always take X amount of days (20 something?) to do the entire grind because you’re limited to daily quests.. but I’d very much prefer waiting a bit longer and not having to do those horrible grinds.

    In either case, congratulations on your new Raptor mount 🙂

  2. I don’t think it’s dumbing down to suggest something be should fun instead of tedious. I loved the raptor quest line, it was so engaging and charmingly written that it didn’t feel like a “grind” at all. Ultimately there’s no reason for grinds to feel like grind…

    • I know, I was just thinking of all the crying done by people who achieved their winterspring sabers before they made it easier the first time around. I think they’d have kittens if it got brought in-line with the Horde version.

      I much prefer quests which feel rp-ish. It’s the same with the Sprite Darter Hatchling Alliance chain versus the Horde go and kill mobs for the same pet. Whilst the Alliance version involves hiking around the globe, I would still rather to do that, rather than just slaughter hatchlings for the pet.

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