At the end of the Brewfest

I flattened Coren Direbrew on at least three characters every single day and this is what I received. It seems that the drunken gods of Brewfest favour me far more than the frosty gods of Midsummer but I wouldn’t have said no to a ram.

  • Kodos: 2
  • Rams: 0
  • Dire Remotes: 4
  • Barman’s Bloody Shanker: 4
  • Tankard of Terror: 3

I’m also now a Brewmaster on three characters.

My longest tussle with Mr Direbrew was 53 seconds. Although that was a pretty weak group including a lv 78 rogue who died somehow. The best was around 14 seconds which really was a blink and you’ll miss it feeling.

Out of all the bits and pieces I picked up, my favourite has to be the Dire Remote. At the moment I’m farming the last little bit of rep I need to for exalted with the Hydraxian Waterlords and being able to port to the Bar and then run through the last little bit of the instance into Molten Core makes it so much quicker and easier. Plus being able to grab a dwarf disguise whenever I feel like it, without having to trek all the way to Blackrock Mountain is awesome (yes I’m lazy).

Over all, Brewfest is still one of my favourite festivals. Sure Coren could have a done with a few ICC runs to boost his gear but this close to the expansion, I admit I’d rather they were working on new shiny stuff rather than upgrading a two week holiday.


2 Responses

  1. I’ve enjoyed the brewfest too, even if I’m a little bit sad that I didn’t get a kodo on my main. I did however get a ram on my main (and 2 alts) and 2 kodos on alts. So maybe I’m just picky..

    Now I’ll just wait for the Halloween boss.. I will forgive Lady RNG for not blessing my main with a kodo if she will give me the headless horseman’s horse 😛

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