Lightwell and Loving it

I’ve been experimenting with Lightwell. This expansion I’m determined that my guild will not only use it but come to love it (that way I can use Chakra lolsmite more).

We’ve managed to get it down to a three button press. In those three clicks you target the lightwell, use it and then return to your current target. You don’t need to see the Lightwell or know where it is, if it’s in range this will work. Whilst it’s not the most elegant solution it deals with a couple of Lightwell issues. Dps don’t have to waste time running around looking for it and neither do they have to try and target it through a seething mass of bodies.

First of all you need to make two macros.

Macro A, which I boringly called LightwellA

/target Lightwell

and then Macro B, equally boringly named LightwellB


Then you need to go into the Blizzard key bindings (the ones accessed through Escape) and set a key for “interact with target” which can be found in the “targeting functions”.

Once you’ve done that, put the two macros on your bars and keybind them to something. Personally I don’t use the arrow keys on my keyboard, so I’ve used the left arrow with macro A, the down arrow with “interact with target” and right arrow with macro B. That allows me to roll over the keys in sequence, as easy as A, B, C (The order always has to be Macro A then whatever you bound “interact with target” and then finally Macro B). Our feral druid can do it so fast you don’t actually see him target the Lightwell, he’s just mysteriously got the hot on.

In addition I’m going to make an announce macro when I drop it so they have no excuse. Now all I need to do is make the rest of my guildmates make the macros and put them somewhere…

5 Responses

  1. I’m probably going to steal this for my guild 😛

    We are neglecting our lolwell

    • I’m loving it in PvP, apart from the odd brightspark who two shots it (lightwell’s need to inherit our resilience or something) but PvE is another story. They’ll use it when it’s click the lightwell or be killed by another player but NPCs .. not a chance.

  2. I must confess, I skipped both Lolwell and Improved Death in my build. I’ll be linking it once chardev decides to behave again.

    • I went for Lightwell over Desperate Prayer out of currently mostly unfounded optimism. However, it’s kept me alive against some stupidly high arcane blasts, so I’m keeping it.

  3. […] offers some really great a Chakra tips, as well as ways to get your guild to use Lightwell (with […]

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