Questing Favourites: Kalimdor

The fact that you can’t move without falling over some scrap of information about Cataclysm has made me rather nostalgic about the world in it’s current incarnation. I’m currently running around trying to do all the bits and pieces that I love for one last time before they are gone for ever. Questing has always been one of my favourite activities in game. I much prefer it to running instances for level, primarily because I find dungeons, unless your party is truly awful to be boring once you’ve run them a handful of times. I end up on auto pilot, dps dps dps, loot, dps, dps, dps, loot, dps boss, dps boss almost hoping for some drama to unfold as we go. Which brings me to this post and my favourite all time quests. Some are sad, some make me smile and some are just plain silly but I recommend every single one of them. So if you’re looking for something to do before the world changes beneath our feet, go questing. After all, the dungeons (with the exception of ZG) will still be there tomorrow, these quests won’t be.


Tears of the Moon – This has to be one of my all time favourite low level quests.

Lady Sathrah was once beloved of Elune. Graceful and pure, the spider spun her silver threads through the moonlight, catching the evening mist. The silvery dew had strong healing powers and was kept here in the temple.

But of late, Sathrah has descended into madness. Her future generations are now threatened as well.

You have to kill her and bring her spinnerets to the Temple of the Moon to redeem her. Once you put them in the moonwell, her ghost appears and walks around the statue. On my original character, this was the first sad quest I encountered and that memory has always stuck with me. Now I make a point of redeeming her on every Alliance character I make.

Sprite Darter Hatchling chain which begins with Freedom for All Creatures. This is another chain that I’ve completed on every single Alliance character I’ve ever levelled. Sure, it takes you all over the place but I love the rp feel of it. You help your little pet grow up by looking after it’s egg, that’s a far more rewarding feeling that just killing X number of it’s brethren. I’m also a secret fan of the traipse half way around the world quests. Perhaps because when I first started playing, it was those epic chains that run you through three or four zones which helped me explore.

Take Down Tethyr! – From the beginning of this chain, which starts with This Old Lighthouse the atmosphere builds up as bit by bit you learn that there really are sea monsters lurking off the coast of Theramore and that they have a thing for bright lights. Shame you just farmed some oil to relight the Lighthouse isn’t it. The fact that when Tethyr appears the weather goes from calm and bright to dark and stormy in a heartbeat is just icing on the cake.

Smilin Jim quest chain – I’ve talked about this one before but it touches my heart in a way I didn’t expect a game like WoW to be capable of. I want to avenge his family, I want to be able to comfort the guy and I wish there was some way we could attempt to break through his madness at the end.

I want to be  a furbolg aka the Raene’s Cleansing chain in Ashenvale. I have to admit part of the reason I love this chain is the rod of transformation and apart from one character (my priest) I’ve never actually finished the whole questline. Instead I prefer to keep the rod and keep turning into a furbolg.

The Howling Vale – Another epic chain which sends you half away across the globe. This was my first introduction to the Worgen and I have to say I didn’t like them very much.

To the north, near the Felwood border, the ruined shrine of Mel’Thandris has been overtaken by mysterious wolf-men. Their chilling calls have led the area to be known as the Howling Vale.

Following in the footsteps of a long vanished Elf, with each stop you learn a little piece of the puzzle.


A Dip in the Moonwell – There is just something cheeky about jumping into a moonwell with a dirty, dusty, rusty little robot right under a bunch of Nightelf noses.

Kyle’s Gone Missing – Finding the lost dog in Mulgore. I try and do this quest on all my Horde characters not just because of the sad story behind it, but because even without that aspect, how could you resist helping someone find their missing puppy?

The Alien Egg chain

I fear she may be stalking Cairne Bloodhoof; too much Tauren lore has changed, and I fear this has angered Arikara. Move quickly before all is lost

I love the idea of a wind serpent as a harbinger of death, stalking the Taurens for their acceptance of the culture of others.

A Test of Faith – I swear every time I do this, I expect to go falling to my death. One day, I’m not going to get ported to safety, instead my body will come crashing down in pieces onto the hard red rock.

Many facets make up a being: the spirit, the body, the mind. Some of these can be measured by a culture’s traditions. Others we can only hope exist within ourselves. If you agree, I shall test some of the facets within you.
If you pass, then you shall become stronger. If you fail, then you will realize the vastness of the Nether.
The first is a Test of Faith.

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger or so it seems.


Tooga’s escort quest – Now in general I have mixed feelings about escort quests and I admit this is one slow tortoise but the dialogue at the end when he’s reunited with his wife makes trailing across Tanaris all worthwhile.

I’m sure there are other amazing quests out there in Kalimdor but these are the ones which sprang straight into my mind when a guildmate asked “So what are your favourite quests?”.


5 Responses

  1. I am not going to lie…and it may be totally cliche…but I ALWAYS have to pay my respects to Mankrik’s wife.

    • That’s one quest I won’t miss. The very first time I did it, I spent hours hunting around the Barrens looking for her. I almost had to resort to asking in the Barrens chat but luckily for me, I fell over her before things got that bad.

      I do love the Barrens though, I drag all my low level Horde alts through it.

  2. Very good quests, all of them. The one with the spider in the nelf zone is always a good one, though sometimes it feels like I’m chasing her forever.

    I wonder how many quests will be gone, I suspect a good many – and while it’ll be nice with a change for new alts, it’s also rather sad.

    • I suspect most will be altered in some way, if not removed completely. Especially the ones which involve visiting five zones or trekking half way around the continent for two quests. I admit, I’m excited for new quests but at the same time, that excitement is tinged with sadness. I wish there was some way of keeping all the old content available, perhaps through the Caverns of Time whilst still giving us new stuff 😦

  3. […] I would love to see returned to Azeroth. The Sprite Darter Hatchling chain and a Test of Faith (see here for a bit more detail about the chains). In general though, I miss the chains which would send you […]

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