Lady Luck and the Wickerman

Lady Luck seems to favour Druids.

My Druid got her reins and a sinister squashling in the same bag. Mr Harpy got the mount on his druid too and out of the other four Druids in my guild, so far three of them have received the horse. Of course, my Priest, the character on which I’m collecting mounts only gets evil squashes with legs in her bags.

Hallows End remains my favourite festival. From the swarms of bats fluttering around, to the Headless Horseman attempting to burn down Brill every ten minutes it has far more personality than a lot of more recently added holidays. However much to my surprise, it turns out there is an element of Hallow’s End that I wasn’t aware of.

I was hanging out in Dalaran making netherweave bags when I noticed a conversation taking place between two of the Bloodelf Commoners.  When they weren’t trying to scare each other with their male draenei masks, they were talking about the Wickerman Festival and how it begins at 20.00. Now having crashed it a couple of times on various Alliance characters, I knew it existed but I really didn’t know much more than that. Every time I’d been it was either already burning or like the picture below, not yet in flames.

A quick port to Undercity later and I was outside the walls looking up at the giant statue. At the 19.30 mark and then again at 19.45, I noticed that Darkcaller Yanka would announce that the party would soon be starting.

(The time in the log is local time not game time).

Then suddenly at 20.00 on the dot, there was a flash of light and much to my surprise the Dark Lady herself appeared. It turns out that the Banshee Queen lights the fire every night, basically burning Arthas and quite possibly everyone else who isn’t Forsaken in effigy for the duration of the Festival. I can’t help wondering if next year, it’ll be a wicker Garrosh up there with the flames licking at his boots.

Once the fire is lit, piles of embers appear all around and when you loot one you receive the Invocation of the Wickerman.

Whilst I’m not sure how rubbing your face in burning embers should increase your reputation with any given faction, it does and that includes reputation gained from quest hand ins.

This was my first proper visit to the Wickerman Festival but it won’t be my last. If you haven’t been to witness it yourself, it’s definitely worth going to see, even if you are Alliance. If you play an Undead and you haven’t been, shame on you!

2 Responses

  1. That is really neat, I don’t think I have seen it being lit (as in the actual event).

    I do love Hallow’s End, it’s a fun world event. Of course, like you, my mount collector has not received the mount, while an alt has two (how unfair is that?) I really wish we could transfer rare mounts to the character of our choice.. *sigh*

    Well, a few more days to go.. I wish us both luck in getting the mount on the character we want it the most on 🙂

    • I really wish they would make all the stuff BoA or BoE. I keep getting the pumpkin sword on characters which can’t use swords as well.
      Hope you get/got your mount, good luck.

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