Holy Priest PvP: Aspire to be the best

Holy Priesting is finally viable for PvP so get out there and grab some chastise fun whilst you can. Reports from the Beta are depressing to say the least about PvP healing at 85 so this might be our only window of opportunity. The fact that we’re losing Holy Word: Aspire is sad too, I wish there was some way of adding it to our arsenal even though Renew Chakra is going away.

First up, a handy macro which cancels your current Chakra state and lets you cast Power Word: Chastise instead of the corresponding heal.

#showtooltip Chakra 
/cast Chakra 
/cancelaura Chakra: Prayer of Healing 
/cancelaura Chakra: Renew 
/cancelaura Chakra: Heal

Hit once to enter a Chakra state, hit it again to leave.

Whether it’s by design, oversight on Blizzard’s part or some sort of bug, cancelling the Chakra makes Chastise available straight away. For example I’m in Chakra Renew state and I’ve just used Holy Word: Aspire and then I use the macro to cancel my Chakra, I can Chastise someone right away.

I imagine that once the cooldown of Chakra is dropped to 30 seconds on live as well, this macro or something similar would be useful in PvE too for easier “stance” switching.

Back to PvP


Stack Resilience, including gems. Ever since Blizzard buffed it to counter damage numbers, it’s been crazy (even now they’ve nerfed the buff a bit). At the moment I’m sitting at around 1650 and unless you’re an arcane mage or someone who actually uses silences/interrupts and the like, dspers are merely annoying flies buzzing around you. Arcane mages on the other hand are the devil incarnate who should be avoided at all costs.

Body + Soul is amazing. Yes, my shields don’t absorb a huge amount but being able to outrun people or help your flag carrier escape means those two talent points are well worth it.

Keep moving. As a dpser it’s far easier to kill stationary targets as you can just fall into a pve rotation rather than the person hopping around like a jumping bean.

Remember you can dispel poisons from yourself if you are specced into Body & Soul. Chastising a rogue, dispelling their slowing poison and speeding off to your teammates leaves you feeling all warm and fluffy inside.

Lightwell is handy for two reasons, A. some people actually stop trying to kill you whilst they kill it. This means that they aren’t hitting you or your squishier team mates. B. If they don’t kill it, you can use it to heal whilst killing them. On top of that, you can use it whilst stunlocked, hexxed, feared or frozen. I’m definitely learning to love my lightwell in PvP. Whilst solo defending nodes in Arathi Basin, you can use Smite Chakra + Lightwell to great effect.

Guardian Spirit early and often. Whenever it’s off cooldown I find myself throwing on people.

Use your Chakras. So far my favourite has to be renew for PvP because I like being able to cast on the move but in mass zergs like bottlenecked AVs, PoH definitely has a place. Get 40 people together in a small space and watch the numbers from Sanctuary covering your screen in green awesomeness.

Stick with instant casts as much as possible. Prayer of mending, circle of healing, renew, holy word: aspire, shield are all essential tools. Always keep a renew on yourself, use them as a cushion just like you would shield’s as Disc.

With Serendipity maxxed out, two flash heals make the next greater heal have the same cast time as a flash heal. If you have a two stack, remember to use greater heal rather than flash.

Remember that Chastise and Mind Control work really well together. Ideally use fear to make them trinket, Chastise them and then use those three seconds to cast Mind Control. Chastise breaks and you can just run them off the nearest cliff. Great for defending the Lumber Mill solo or just keeping their defending Holy Paladin out of action whilst someone else tags the flag.

Glyph Inner Fire. Having 12k armour plus lots of resilience makes a huge difference against melee.


6 Responses

  1. Maybe I should do some PvP on my priest again, she’s by far the one I enjoy the most in PvP.. even though I’m fully aware that before now Holy PvP was frowned upon. I still couldn’t help it though.. I loved healing a full group with CoH or making the flag carrier run fast with B&S.

    I haven’t played since the patch since I need another 3000 points on my warlock for the remaining mounts, and after getting smashed by horde a few times I lose my will to live.. eh pvp.

    I did have an interesting duel with my friend’s full Wrathful paladin though. Sure, I couldn’t kill him – but he sure as hell couldn’t kill me either. And this was me on a priest with 350 resilience and not wearing a PvP trinket. I was just able to get away from him by rotating chastise, fear and running away in my bubble. Him being a big arena junkie with a high rating and the best PvP gear did NOT take it well that he couldn’t kill me..

  2. Chastise is amazing. Even if they nerf Holy Priests to the ground, chastising people and using the cc to throw them off cliffs is so much fun. Never gets old.

  3. It’s March 15th, how is it these days? (holy pvp)

  4. It’s June now and I’ve been playing Holy PvP since the start of Cata, in battlegrounds mostly and still loving it. I must say I find the mobility and the ability to CC superior compared to Disc. I’m using a 0/31/10 build as my style of playing battlegrounds. I’d like to call it a CC DoT Healing build. Mana can be an issue at times, but not hell on earth bad. The points into Holy are pretty straightforward as it’s pretty much personal preference. The points to Shadow however does need some explaining. I have talentpoints in the following shadowtree talents: Imp SWpain, Imp Devouring Plague, Imp Psychic Scream and 1 point into Twisted Faith.

    First I’ll explain the CC bit of the build. 21 sec cd Chastise, 23 sec cd Fear and Mind Control is my way of basically keeping 1 person Controlled keeps them out of the equation of doing anything, while chastise or fear is active I can still throw around some heals before I move back into CC’ing the main target. If done well, 1 person can get CC’ed for a pretty long time. Longest I’ve CC’ed is a resto druid for about 2 minutes, have not been keeping track, but I’m sure I’m hated.

    Mindcontrol can also be used to keep a defending enemy away from the flag. There are times when it’s faster to CC a rogue away from a flag he’s Fan of Knive-ing with Mind Control, chastise and fear. Hoping your teammembers have any clue and cap the flag, not CC-ing risks the enemies the chance to defend with more people. CC-ing risks you being called an idiot, cause they can’t get the killing blow.

    Twisted Faith turns my Spirit into Hit which in case you didn’t know already, we Holy tend to get Spirit through our gear. This allows Dotting without misses. DoTting people pre-MindControl is great, as MindControl is the sort of CC which doesn’t break on damage. Mind Controlling anyone near death with DoTs on is amazing.

    As Holy tends to have little instant cast offensive spells (only SWdeath) I’ve decided to try on Imp Devouring Plague as well. I find it quite useful as a way to interrupt people from capping flags with SWDeath either on cooldown or too risky to cast because of the backlash in damage when it doesn’t kill off an enemy.

    As for glyphs, my primes: PWshield, Renew and SWpain. My major: Inner Fire, Dispel Magic, Desperation. I’m not using PoM, Lightwell and CoH glyphs, cause this spec actually focuses less on healing people. In battlegrounds you’re rarely with enough people around at certain areas of the fight to have CoH take on its full effect of healing an extra person, Lightwell to last as long as needed and PoM to matter much.

    I love Holy, hope you do too and I must say I do see a minor change in priest set up these days. There are still more Disc out there, but I do see some more Holy pop up every now and then. Holy FTW

    One final thing: CC does make a difference, so does having healers in battlegrounds. Holy > Disc because of this!

    Wavelength – EU-Twilight’s Hammer

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