Beware the screech of the red haired bat!

First of all, sorry for the lack of posts. We’ve been internetless for the last few days. It’s weird, there I was reading a book and watching CSI, all happy curled up on the sofa. Then Mr Harpy announced the absence of the internet and suddenly all I wanted to do was log WoW, read the forums and catch up on my feedreader.

When we got internet back, the first thing I came across was the new Troll Druid flightform (which can be seen on MMO-Champion). Up until that point, I was intending making my Horde Druid a troll, I just couldn’t decide whether to transfer an existing one from the Alliance or make one from scratch. Now, I’m not so sure. Flight form is an important part of being a Druid and I can’t see myself ever using a cast time mount when I don’t have to. Therefore, I’m going to be spending a lot of time in said flightform. Can I really face being a vampire bat from a really low budget horror movie with a scarlet mullet? The bottle of mojo (or tears) is a nice touch but those fangs look like an evolutionary blunder if ever I’ve seen one. Looks like you could take your own eyes out with them, although I suppose bats aren’t exactly famous for their eyesight anyway.

The next thing I came across was the adorable baby moonkin mini pets the Blizzard Shop will soon be selling us. Need! It just needs to moonfire critters and my joy will be complete.

At the moment I’m suffering from the end of an expansion blues. The end of the world is nigh and I can’t wait! Luckily, World PvP is far from dead on my server so that’s providing a bit of a distraction. Unfortunately though people tend to take being beaten by a resto druid (thorns) and a holy priest (manaburn) rather badly but it’s been a great source of amusement as the melees queue up to kill themselves on spiky healers.

Everywhere I look there are titbits from Cataclysm taunting me and I find myself wishing that Deathwing would just hurry up.


6 Responses

  1. I’ve actually been thinking about changing race with my priest in Cata too, simply because I am so bored with things right now and I never even played a different toon. but then I really don’t know about the other races – draenei seems the only option but i’m not sure anymore. and gnome priest is just an obscenity!
    besides farming for minipets, I was planning to fill up on honor if nothing else until Cata, but PVP on my server/battlegroup has become such a joke that I can’t even bother to do that anymore. so indeed – gief cataclysm!

    • Gnome Priests will be awesome! I’m going to make one so I can chase our Gnome hating Guild Master around.

      In terms of visuals, I prefer Draenei and Night Elf Priests on the Alliance but in terms of racials, Humans and the evil Gnomes I think probably work out better, especially if we end up mana starved as per Blizzard’s evil design.

  2. I totally want a babykin too, they look so adorable. Though my GM calls me a traitor cause I want the brown (horde) one rather than the purple (alliance). I think this may be tied to the fact that I also prefer the windrider cub to the baby gryphon. But I can’t help it, they’re just cuter!

    The troll flight form sure seems.. odd. But in a way I like it – only because it’s unique. I wish the other druid races would get something more unique too instead of just different coloured birds.

    I’m glad you have internet back, I’m “looking forward” to some internet-less time myself since I’m moving tomorrow and no internet is installed yet. (/panic)

    • The Horde one has better eyes I think. Also horns > antlers.

      Hope your move goes smoothly and you get internet up and running soon.

  3. I felt a bit the same about the bat – and to top it off, it is most distinctly male. wtf.

    But…I am not entirely sure I can completely express my sheer hatred of the female tauren casting model. I hate it so much that I used devitate fish every raid – every wipe – every instance – that I did in vanilla. I love how my tauren looks…as long as she’s not casting.

    As such, I think I finally made the decision, regardless of the horribly ugly male bat flight form, to make Beru a troll.

    The bat is far less offensive to me than the femal Tauren casting models.

    • I’ve had a good look at the hands of a female tauren and decided that I too shall be going Troll bat of doom. That and the fact that all our Tauren druids are race changing because they are sick of getting stuck in doorways.

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