City on Fire!


Burn Baby Burn!


Can’t say I’m hugely impressed with the new stage of the Elemental Invasion. Those elements hit hard and have a lot of health so getting caught alone is fatal. In terms of annoyance factor I think this might actually stand a chance of equalling the Zombie Blight . The fact that you can just spam the four bosses whilst they are available provides a decent source of Justice Points if you aren’t already at the cap though. Orgrimmar on fire, on the other hand, does look pretty impressive.

Rats in the grass

In other news, why is it that when you go to rescue a guildmate who is being corpse camped three versus one, it always ends up in a bitchy hateful whine from a lv 1.  You equal out the numbers, they bring more, so you have to and so on until one side gives way and then the whispers start.

Ganking at 6am does let you see fabulous sunrises though.

And the lunatics yelling in the streets!
It’s the end of the world! Yes!
City on fire!
Hunchbacks dancing!
Stirrings in the ground
And the whirring of giant wings!
Watch out!
Blotting out the moonlight,
Thick black rain falling on the
City on fire!
City on fire!
City on fire!

Somehow, those lyrics from Sweeney Todd seem awfully prophetic. They’ve also been stuck firmly in my head since I went to see a theatre production of said musical in may.

6 Responses

  1. I’m still without internet and haven’t seen the new phase of the elemental invasion. I hope to get online soon, cause I’d love to see Stormwind on fire.

    You can actually re-queue for the bosses and keep getting points? Maybe I should get some sweet points for my alts (that is if I ever get the stupid internet back grrr)

    • You certainly could last night, did the wind boss six or seven times in a row and got justice points each time.

  2. I confess I haven’t had time to check out the mayhem.

    Hurrah for Sweeny Todd though – I confess that was the first thing I thought of when I saw the title of the post and I’m glad it was the right association 🙂

    • I was given tickets to Into the Woods as an 18th birthday present and I’ve adored Stephen Sondheim’s musicals ever since. The lyrics and tunes have this annoying habit of sticking fast in your head. When I’m busy doing stuff, I find myself first humming and then bursting into “the dark and vengeful god of Sweeney Todd”.

  3. That new water sure is pretty! I really like the change.

    I have enjoyed the invasion, it’s a nice change from the norm. Hey we could be exploding zombies again… *curls into a ball and starts rocking*

    • I’m starting to find it almost as annoying. First of all, I was off to Dire Maul to finish my classic dungeon achievement thingie so I ported Thunderbluff only to find that the cowardly flightmaster had evacuated. So I thought ok, I’ll ride into the Barrens and fly from there. Only I was in-combat with an invisible elemental which chased me almost to the entrance of the Barrens. Even with the brief bursts of movement from body and soul, it seemed to take forever.
      Then today, was helping a guildmate who’s just dinged get some pvp gear. Realise I’m honour capped and since I don’t need any gear, I thought I’d grab some gems. Only when I got to orgrimmar, no vendors.. cowards. The PvP vendors at any rate should stay and fight.

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